Broken Britain

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the views of the wonderful country we live in

Theres lootings, shootings, gangs recruiting,

Benefit fraud, the kids are bored, the countrys flawed, lets move abroad,

On the street theres less bobbies on the beat, be descreet while you cheat, vodkas cheap, drink it neat, give it to the kids for trick or treat,

Bunk off school, the majority rule, the playgrounds cruel on april fools, its a combat zone, you're on your own, dont be flash someones looking to nick your new iphone, Kids are playing call of duty and going prestige, future warriors in their bedrooms smoking weed,


There's football thugs and football fans, pitch invasions, lifetime bans,

Car stealers, grassing squealers, lottery winners and drug dealers,


15 year old having babies, drinking and smoking daily, Jeremy Kyle on the tele with his guests acting crazy,


Read the mirror, read the sun, read how broken britain has become, if its in the papers it must be true, why would they lie to me and you?

Phone tapping, paps are snapping, ankle tagging, the wives are nagging, the days are dragging, it'll be christmas soon,


Train strikes, human rights, canceled flights, illegal sites, the schools corrupt your children to,


Health and safety has gone mad, wear your hardhat and elbow pads and dont forget your safety shoes,


Britain isn't just broken, Britain is also fun,

Lets all point ourselves and laugh at what a joke our country has become. 

Submitted: January 10, 2013

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