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Most people have met a grumpy doorman before......

Submitted: January 10, 2013

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Submitted: January 10, 2013



Standing outside the club,

Looking all scary,

With his long black coat on,

He grumpy and hairy,

You ain't coming in he snarls,

What how dare he?

Keep your thoughts to yourself,

'cause he aint no fairy,

It's about 6 foot 4,

From his head to the floor,

He looks so angry,

As he stands at the door,

He has no neck,

His head's on his shoulders,

Legs like trees,

Biceps like boulders,

He has that grit in his teeth,

And his head is shaved,

He's supposed to be here,

To make sure you behave,

He could snap me in half,

Just like a twig,

He's a bullyboy bouncer,

It makes him feel big,

Why can't i come in?

I protested,

He says jog on son,

Or i'll have you arrested,

He said i'm just out here doing my job,

I thought to myself,

Is your job being a knob?

I was gonna leave it,

And i didn't mean to be rude,

I just asked him,

Whats with the attitude?

He bent right over,

Looked me dead in the eye,

Shouted in my face,

I nearly died,

I could feel his breath,

Beating on my skin,

His spit on my face,

I just took it on the chin,

These bullyboy bouncers,

Can really ruin your night,

I wanted a drink in the club,

Not to die in a fight.


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