I didn't know you was a vampire

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A guy realises his girlfriend is a vampire

Submitted: February 07, 2013

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Submitted: February 07, 2013



Did I know you was a vampire?

I'll be honest no,

Although I did mean to enquire,

When you originally said hello,

As to why you had large fangs,

And such a pale complexion,

You have freakishly weird hands,

And a strange bone collection,


It was silly of me to assume,

You were just going through a phase,

You wore a strange perfume,

And I wouldn't see you for days,

You used to go insane,

When I put garlic in your food,

You always seemed in pain,

I thought "trust me to ruin the mood"


Remember when I put that cross up,

And you really hit the roof?

You gave me an upper cut,

And knocked out my front tooth?

When you said you take peoples blood,

I thought you were a nurse,

And I never really understood,

Why you travelled in a hearse,


When you told me your mum's a bat,

I just thought that you didn't get on,

I didn't think you ment an actual BAT!

In a cave somewhere near Iran,

And we need a chat about your drink,

'Cause you're drinking all the time,

That red wine stains the sink.......

WellI hope that it's red wine!!??


Ok so now i feel a little dumb,

That I never saw the signs,

You always stayed out the sun,

I should have read between the lines,

But now its all so crystal clear,

And there's nothing to explain,

I feel obliged to volunteer.......

So here's my jugular vein.

© Copyright 2017 Shane P. All rights reserved.

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