If i became a millionaire

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Lost in thoughts of winning lots of money

Submitted: January 20, 2013

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Submitted: January 20, 2013



If i became a millionaire,

I'd give some to a charity,

How much would i really share?

I'm sure people would agree,

It's not all about the giving,

It's sometimes about the take,

With the rise of cost of living,

That would keep me wide awake,

I'd buy a nice big house and car,

And not worry about the price,

I'd live like a rock star,

Oh wouldn't that be nice?

I'd go on holiday where i like,

As and when i please,

I could book my 1st class flight,

Do i pack my swimshorts or my skis?

With a pocket full of cash,

Ans a chequebook that is blank,

I'd also keep a secret stash,

Aswell as in the bank,

Family that come out the woodwork,

People i've never met,

I could give the hotel clerk,

A tip they won't forget,

I'd have a games room,

And an olympic swimming pool,

It's no longer doom and gloom,

Thinking of the price of fuel,

But until that day comes,

I'll just carry on with my job,

Living in the slums,

Not in luxery like a slob,

I'm sure its not its all cracked up to be,

Although i should probably prepare,

I'm not sure its right for me,

Becoming a millionaire.

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