Lady of the night.

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After reading a story in the national paper i decided to write this

Where does it all start?

What drove her to the streets and made her dress like a tart?

What made her sell her body for money and get into a strangers car?

Its all abit bizarre, she could have done anything, she could have gone far,

Instead here she is to pay her bills in a short skirt and see through heels,

Its a cold winters night and shes on the curb meeting strangers and striking deals,

How much? they say, How much you wanna pay?

Theres no romance here just a married scumbag looking for an easy lay,

This is someones child be he couldnt care what shes out here for,

He looks at her like shes a piece of shit on the floor,

To him shes nothing but a cheap and dirty whore,

Maybe shes feeding an addiction,

Her next punter could have a rape conviction,

Shes setting herself up for her own crucifixtion,

The papers will cover it as self infliction and create a masterpiece of made up fiction,

Like she deserves it and it was all her fault,

Does anyone deserve to be attacked and a recieve a sexual assault?

Because of what she does don't make it right,

Im sure she put up a fight,

Kicking and screaming with a scratch and a bite,

The sad fact is she'll probably be back tomorrow night once shes changed bulb in her red light,

No doubt she'll remain polite to the next scumbag looking for the services of the lady of the night.

Submitted: January 12, 2013

© Copyright 2022 Shane P. All rights reserved.

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