Mr car salesman

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A short poem about someone being ripped off by a car salesman

Submitted: January 23, 2013

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Submitted: January 23, 2013



Mr car salesman,

Sell me a car,

What have you got,

That'll get me far?

He said this 1 here,

Is a little beaut,

Theres no 1st gear,

And there's a hole in the boot,

You'll hardly notice,

That the seats are damp,

The smell won't last,

But dont park on a ramp,

'Cause the handbrakes broke,

And there's no reverse,

Don't try the brakes,

'Cause they're a curse,

I should also mention,

There is no key,

But buy it today,

You get this screwdriver free,

Oh and don't forget,

You can't drive at night?

I said why not?

He said cause there ain't no lights,

He had a smiley face,

A face you can trust,

Forget the holes in the floor,

Or a bit of rust,

I said how much does it cost?

He said 200 pound,

I'm gonna try my luck,

To get him down,

I said abit lower,

Maybe a hundred and fifty?

He said i've got a cheek,

'Cause this car is nifty,

I said i think i'll leave it,

But thanks for your time,

I wanted it in red,

He only had it in lime.

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