My boss is a KNOB

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A poem about my boss.....

Submitted: January 31, 2013

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Submitted: January 31, 2013



I arrive at work,

I see his stupid grin,

That annoying little smirk,

That really does me in,

I wonder what crap,

He's giving me today,

He should get a slap,

About my rate of pay,

He seems to get a thrill,

Out of making my life hell,

He has a certain skill,

To make me feel unwell,

He has an air of arrogance,

That most people tend to hate,

But lacks the intelligence,

To properly dictate,

He thinks that he is clever,

By putting me on nights,

I say "its my pleasure"

As i refuse to bite,

This gets on his nerves,

I can see it in his face,

But it's no more than he deserves,

To be put firmly in his place,

The main problem with my boss,

Is the powers gone to his head,

But he's running at a loss,

When i ring in sick from bed,

The thing that he forgets,

Is i get full sickpay,

I have no regrets,

When i do this on most days,

So who's smirking now?

You powertripping knob,

And this is how,

I get the best out of my job,

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