No use for abuse

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Abuse ruins lives

Submitted: January 12, 2013

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Submitted: January 12, 2013



No child should ever be subjected to abuse,

They didn't choose to have parents with a lit fuse,

Parents fueled on drugs and cheap booze,

It'll be another case of neglect you'll read on the news,

Its not the childs fault he'll grow up to be a recluse,

Hes brainwashed and confused,

He wants freedom and to be let loose,

But his only escape is in the shape of a noose,

It won't be long before hes being locked up by screws,

He'll blame his childhood and use it as an excuse,

He's tried to explain but fuck it whats the use?

Nobody gives a shit about his beliefs or his views,

His parents are to blame they shouldnt be allowed to reproduce,

Believe me when i say that this is gods honest truth,

His life has been destroyed and ruined by abuse.

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