Not another love poem.....

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A poem about a loveless marriage

Submitted: January 30, 2013

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Submitted: January 30, 2013



He was the miserable groom,

She was the miserable bride,

When they said "i do"

She stood there and fucking cried,

Their life is doom and gloom,

They're both dead inside,

They sleep in seperate rooms,

They're sexually deprived,


She knows he can't stand her,

He knows she can't stand him,

They both will concur,

Their life is fucking grim,

She would always refer,

To when he was nice and slim,

She would much prefer,

For him to get back in the gym,


They will always fight,

Like they are cat and mouse,

They'd argue day and night,

They'd be screaming down the house,

She would scratch and bite,

She'd have blood all down her blouse,

You could see that they wern't right,

She shouldn't be his spouse,


This is based on only hate,

It's not a relationship,

He would dangle the bait,

And she would always flip,

He'd go to work and come home late,

She is tired of his shit,

His tea is cold on the plate,

She's had enough of it,


He's sick of her always moaning,

All she does is nag,

That constant fucking droning,

She's a miserable old bag,

He suggests she does some toning,

'Cause her tits now start to sag,

Their hatred is growing,

They're waving a white flag,


On their vows they both agreed,

Till death do us part,

They both seem to concede,

It was over from the start,

It was her idea indeed,

To get a poison dart,

And with velocity and speed,

She plunged it through his heart.

© Copyright 2017 Shane P. All rights reserved.

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