Online warrior

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Poem about a kid whos online antics make him great ....... in his eyes

Submitted: January 25, 2013

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Submitted: January 25, 2013



People call me a loser,

I'm the butt of all their jokes,

I'll never be a bruiser,

When i grow into a bloke,

My life seems to consist,

Of playing video games,

But thats where i really exist,

Through using online names,

My characters are fearless,

They ride a nobel steed,

I'll never get careless,

And lose myself to greed,

I WILL be king online,

I WILL rule the roost,

You're friend request i'll decline,

That's my ego boost,

I am god, I am the boss,

You'll bow down to kiss my feet,

I'll put you at a loss,

With a damaging defeat,

When i'm in the zone,

Enemies beware,

You will never take my throne,

You won't even dare,

Have you seen the scoreboard?

That's me right at the top,

I'm dangerous with my sword,

I'll give your head a chop,

I'm more than an online warrior,

I am simply the best,

You are just inferior,

I'll put you to the test,

I am always levelling up,

I hardly lose a fight,

I'm not fighting for a cup,

I'm fighting 'cause i'm a knight,

If by chance i actually lose,

I'll blame it on the ''lag''

Don't message me with abuse,

About how you gave my mum a shag,

It's time to shut the computer down,

It's nearly half past ten,

Tomorrow i'll still have my crown,

And i'll beat you all again,

Just wait till i come home from school,

My victory song i'll sing,

Online games i'll always rule,

'Cause i'm the online king!

© Copyright 2017 Shane P. All rights reserved.

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