The ballad of Big Steve

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A short story written in the form of a poem about a Big man called steve who had an accident while hunting that turned him gay

Submitted: February 12, 2013

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Submitted: February 12, 2013



Big Steve lived in texas,

He would spit and he would swear,

He'd eat nails for breakfast,

And he had an evil stare,

Steve was a huge strong man,

A real blokes sort of bloke,

He had a deep voice and massive hands,

The trees shook when he spoke,


His hobbies would include,

Going shooting with his friends,

They were vulgar they were rude,

They were being proper men,

But on one fateful day,

An accident occured,

To big Steves group of friends dismay,

A gunshot could be heard,


They went running through the trees,

Towards the gunshot blast,

That's when they found big Steve,

Laying face down in the grass,

His chest had been ripped open,

From a single shotgun shell,

Big Steve's words were softly spoken,

When he said he tripped and fell,


As the weeks past by,

Big Steve started to recover,

He was no longer that big guy,

And his friends soon discovered,

That when he had that fall,

And tripped on to his gun,

They started to recall,

A transformation had begun,


Big steve isn't the man he used to be,

Just a matter of weeks ago,

He's started baking and drinking tea,

And watching cookery shows,

He no longer sees his so called mates,

They have nothing more to say,

Steve now takes cute guys on dates,

That accident turned steve gay,


Now big Steve has a new group of friends,

Who are sensitive and kind,

These are a caring bunch of men,

The sort that are hard to find,

They don't spit and they don't swear,

And they're all obsessed with cleaning,

Although Steve is not aware,

Big Steve has a whole new meaning.


© Copyright 2017 Shane P. All rights reserved.

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