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What are we doing to better our future?

Submitted: October 30, 2013

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Submitted: October 30, 2013



Race what is race are you a disgrace to your race Blacks and Mexicans is a minority killing each other like we below the other

but yet we all living the same pain barely got a dime to our name we watch the rich get paid the others scared to walk in the same lane scared we might take their lives just to get a quick pay

and after we get paid we spend it all in one day to get high and be at again the next day we all live in poverty down in southeast ducking and hiding from our PO’S and the police to get high and not feel like we on somebody’s short leash

runaway just to know who’s in who’s sheets who f*****g to get paid what ratchet giving it away without getting paid

but yet we all living the same way fighting over cracks in the streets that aint worth a living day it aint gone never change its going to always be the same, drugs will be slanged

unless Blacks and Mexicans stand up today and try to change our ways.

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