Theory of the Infinite Soul

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A spiritual theory

Submitted: January 22, 2013

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Submitted: January 22, 2013



The Theory of the Infinite Soul

The Theory of the Infinite Soul is the result of a spiritual awakening which I experienced after dozens of hours of meditation and spiritual contemplation. It is something I strongly believe in and has helped facilitate my own spiritual growth. Though just a theory I feel it has brought a great deal of insight into my life and the very nature of my existence. Since my awakening my ability to understand and my capacity to love others increased tremendously. I hope those who read this experience some of the same results. Thank you for your time and I hope you enjoy. =)!!!

-Shane Johnston


The Infinite Soul is the Source of all Matter and Life in our Universe. It is the source of the Universe itself. It exists beyond materiel existence. Where Time, Space, Materiel, Distance, Light, and everything else we associate with in the materiel Universe ceases to exist. Yet it is where all matter and life come from. Its mechanics are unknown, and will most likely remain unknown to all the inhabitants of the Universe. Inevitably all life and matter in the Universe will come to an end. It is even speculated that the Universe itself will one day cease to exist. When Life and matter end it returns to its source, The Infinite Soul.

It has been long taught by many religions that every person is born with an individual soul; however this is not so in the Theory of the Infinite Soul. The Theory of the Infinite Soul teaches that all matter and life is a part of one Infinite Soul. This infinite Soul is the true identity of all matter and life in the Universe. You would say it is your “True Self”. According to the Theory of the Infinite Soul when we die we return to our true state of being. Our bodies are merely vessels to experience our individual lives. But our True Identity remains the same. All Matter and Life is equal and at the very purest state the same. We are all the Infinite Soul.


At our births we are infused with the Infinite Soul. It is our compass towards spirituality. The human species has evolved to a higher state of consciousness giving us the ability to contemplate our very existence. Unfortunately many Human beings do not devote enough time to silent thought and meditation. This creates a division between our mortal identity and our True Self. We become too caught up in the rush of everyday life. Essentially we become busy zombies. Depression, anxiety, sickness, emptiness are the side effects of losing touch with ones spirituality.

Part of the Human experience is Death. It is the final journey, one that we all will inevitably face one day. The thought of death brings great sorrow or fear to many people. With an understanding of the Theory of the Infinite Soul one can shed these negative reactions to death. When one understands that the body is merely a vessel for experience and the real identity is the Infinite Soul one can taste immortality. Death will be nothing more than a changing of an outfit. In death we shed our mortal flesh and return to the immortal light which is our True Self. Perhaps we may even get another life experience.


Though not containing a consciousness non sentient life still has a part to play in the Theory of the Infinite Soul. Like everything in the known Universe non-sentient life too was brought into existence by the Infinite Soul. And just like Sentient life forms non sentient life also encounters death. In the same way it sheds its mortal shell and returns to the true nature. It is as equally important as sentient life. In life many non-sentient life forms have a vital role to play in the universe. Many help sustain the living conditions needed for sentient life to exist. It is important that we protect non-sentient life forms so that the conditions needed for life stay well.


When one realizes their True Self they instantly see the equality that exists between all people, and life forms. Great compassion and understanding will arise. No longer will they see men as black or white or the creatures of the earth as inferior. They will look into the eyes of all life and see their True Self staring back at them. Racism and prejudice will cease to exist within their mental functioning. They will be able to look into the eyes of those who speak wrongly against them and understand. Those who were quick to violence will be slowed. The desires for revenge will be extinguished. The understanding of the Infinite Soul brings about a total revolution of the mind. When one sees themselves in all life, hating others becomes impossible. The capacity for love is increased tremendously. Patience and tolerance increases tenfold. It is a great spiritual awakening.


1. Imagine yourself on the planet surrounded by thousands of people.

2. Now remove yourself from that equation.

3. Now remove the entire human species from the planet.

4. Now imagine the planet within the solar system.

5. Remove the planet and the solar system until all that’s left is the galaxy.

6. Remove the galaxy and everything in space until all that’s left is an empty universe.

7. Now remove the Entire universe itself.

8. If you are like most people you will imagine a vast white space.

9. Now remove the white.

10. Imagine a place where everything we associate with in the Physical Universe does not exist.

11. A place where time, space, shape, size, light, dark and distance are irrelevant and absent.

12. Realize that this is where your imagination reaches its limit.

13. Realize that across this limit is where the infinite begins.

Begin to devote more time in your life to peaceful meditation and spiritual contemplation. If you do not know how to meditate there are several good books out there that will give you all the information you need. I suggest reading some quotes from Kabir. The realization of the Theory of the Infinite Soul and my spiritual awakening occurred while contemplating a famous quote of his and listening to the sound of water drops. Best of wishes and good luck!

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