The Fairytale Of Ireland New York

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onto america from ireland. the short story of a fairytale that wont end.

Submitted: September 10, 2010

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Submitted: September 10, 2010



Christmas Eve, New York City, 1976

I want to share a story with you, hello, my names Samuel Morrison, Im from a little town in Tipperary Ireland, called Ninagh. Some years ago, there was still no jobs to be found, even after the great depression. All peoples family and friends, well most, headed to London for work. But, some no. Some thaught bigger, they thaught if you wanted happiness, go to the real promised land, the land of oppurtunity, America.

I knew a man, a man by the name of Shane, Shane McCleven. He was a story teller, he was a poet too, but he loved to tell stories, but they would be in song. It was class, he had a rituel and that was to light up a fag, put his hair back with his fingers, close his eyes and sing. He always said, "the best way to tell a story, is to relive it inside your head, were u can really describe why the moment was unique to yourself". I always lived by that quote. No, i don't light fags to tell stories, or really tell them at all. But this one, its diffrent, and so special, even you want to close your eyes and light a fag up. It was Christmas week, and it was snowing abroad, but not so much were you couldnt see Libertys crown glowing over the tops of New York. Lets close our eyes, put back our hair and put yourself in the shoes of Shane McCleven.


It was cold that night, really cold, alot of men and woman and some kids, got so cold they died, even one man jumped off the boat he was so thirsty. I dont know if he relized it was freezing, f****** dumb c***. I was still happy with a cup of gin that was colder than..well the ocean i guess. all i know was my mind got off the cold so my body took care of me, i dont know how, maybe because my liver got so hot from all the alchol making it rough. Theres was this woman name Kirsty. I overheard a mate say to her "Mrs Mckeel" so im guess her name was, Kirsty Mckeel, class of a name yeah?. I kept looking at her, i think she turned away one moment because i opened up my mouth, probobly scared her because i had 4 f****** tooths sticking out like an old mans head when he sees at 14 year old walk by wearing a tank, dirty bags. Well all i know was this girl was great, great hair, great body, and she had a glass of whisky, i wonder if she wants some of my gin yeah? haha. She took out a fag and it was my go to run over there and ask do you need a light, but as i was going over she took a match out, she asked "did you want one" i said yes, because im a free loder, and i said i was gunna ask if you needed a light, she smiled and said no, in a real sarcastic mood. I asked if she wanted my coat, even though her nicks were probobly warm because she had on 2 coats made of quilt, the kind your mum will make, or your mums, mum, yeah? She said sure, i was delighted, until a gust of wind hit my coat and it ripped off the boat into the water faster than a pirate running the plank. I called here  fakin pig. She hit me and i grabbed her arm and said, now il freeze to death befor we even get to America. She hit me again and pushed me into a old bag, who hit me, and i fell and fell on a kids toe, and then had her dad hit me, fakin hell yeah? She laughed in my face and went over to the bow and fell asleep on the sand bags, hoping not to die probobly in her sleep of the cold. Well thats what i was scared of evertime id try to sleep, so i never really got sleep, because id get nightmares of it. But befor my eyes, i saw a light, the light of New York City, AMERICA! I turned over and shouted to the sleepers, "AMERICA AMERICA AMERICA! Then the fekin captain hit me and said no its a boowey. Then i punched him, he fell off the boat and drowned, and everyone called me a murdered, no im kidding, but i smacked him and said no, look. He took out his glasses, or fakin biphocals if youl  call em that, and he saw it. New york. Me and him cheered and cheered and everyone turned over and shouted, i turned around and i kissed the first person behind me not knowing who it was, until i found out when i got hit. Then i whispered, "i think you owe me a drink yeah?" She turned away and got her baggage. We all got in these little boats that would take us over to a dock, so we wouldnt have to deal with paperwork. There was police going around, my ol pall John "the drooler" Mcgee, got cuffed, but i ran off and got away, not looking back, hey, i had a dream, and no one was gunna break it. I ran to a coffe shop  called the Its, i felt the heat and sat down happy, a local  came at me and said, "could i help you sir?" I said i want a thing of coffe to warm me up, thanks lad" He said, "look at the door". I looked over and there was a sign saying "no irish allowed". Me being a mate, i got up and said oh im sorry for this, he said "for what being a shit" i said oh no for this, and i socked him one and left. I finally found a hotel, it had heat so i took a nap on a couch, i woke up at 11am the next moring getting hit by the cleaning lady, i left and laughed. i found a bench to sit. I took out my notes and wrote about this wonderful place of, dirt, attitude, ect. But, it was buetiful in a way, pure, class. as i closed my eyes to sing a song, my arm got tugged, thinking it was a fak, i said "what the fak" it was Kirsty, she said oh come, "i owe you a drink", i laughed and said oh, you changed your mind on me now huh? well let me have a kiss, or..? She said "well want a...HIT IN THE JAW" I said sorry, arnt i a charmer,... shit i need a stout, or four. We found a bar named killigans. We sat in the snug. She got me my stout and she got a Bulmer. She said, "happy christmas eve". I said its christmas yeah? lets drink to it. kirsty looked at me and said oh, well sure Shane? I said, "how u know my name laddy? She said, well, your a prick, so i heard people saying on the ship, "that man shane is a prick". And so far you were the only shit head on the boat so.. I said. "well arnt you a charmer you fuck" she looked over and said "cheers shane" We had drinks, we sat at the bar after our first and chatted with the tender about our roots, after one drink, we had another drink, and ordered two drinks, then another drink, and then we finally sat down.. and had a drink. We became a love like no other i believe, she looked at me with a spark like you see in a diamond, that spark that shows the most, she was a diamond yeah?" We danced to the rover, we danced on the floor, we had a drink, and then we had more. I wrote a poem of her when she was there, she looked over and read it and said "for me?" i said yeah. She kissed me and then hit me and said lets dance.." I said "cheers" and we sang onto spencil hill. We opened the doors and windows, though it was colder than oceans on the broad atlantic, we sang our irish asses off, showing the public of america, we're here, and we aint leaving, pouge mahon ya cunts. We ran the streets and held hands and faked with the public and bothered them so they can have more exuses to make signs. I said i love you babe, happy christmas. It was 1130pm, christmas eve. The bells rang, and the nypd roamed the streets singing Galway Bay, I told her, her looks would take her to broadway, she said i was handsome and we hugged. The old were crying because its no place to be on these days. The cars almost hit us because there boats, but we just fucked em off. 


She was a bum a punk an ol slutty junk, shed never drift away, she called me a sum and old maggot yeah? she hit me saying my dreams are ruined from this night, il never live christmas again, you took my dreams! I gazed into her eyes and said i built the with me, wanting to carry on with her, its not our last. 

The bells rang.. people were kissing, she hit men, we kissed, happy christmas, i love you baby, i can see a better time, when all our dreams come true.

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