A Moment of Love

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This is a story of someone heart broken that was inspired by a picture. I wrote it in the 12th grade for an English assignment.

Submitted: October 18, 2012

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Submitted: October 18, 2012



A Moment of Love

It's midnight. I'm walking along the lonely dark streets. I seem unable to control my thoughts. Those green eyes and that golden hair appear to me every time I close my eyes, I can almost hear her sweet voice singing out to me, "David...David..."

Then ahead I see a light. It's that from a cozy cafe and bar. As I approach it, I wonder who else would be up at such a lazy hour. The sign says open so I walk in. The waiter gives me a tired look. I ask for a beer. I drink, but even the beer's intoxicating waters cannot drown my memories of the love that has past.

A moment or two later, though in my thoughts it seems as if days, a young man and woman walk in. Their arms are lovingly wrapped around each other and they seem aglow somehow. The air even smells sweeter once they appear.

At notice of them the tired waiter almost seems to shed three or four years of his age. He leans down to get them a drink and they begin to talk at once. Their every look, word, and touch means something. They sit and take each other in. They seem to have a history.

The smiles on their faces bring tears to my eyes. Why am I suddenly forbidden that happiness? It hurts too great and I look away, knowing I shall never be as they are..They that know not heartbreak and lonliness. I feel the strength wash out of my body. I have not even enough to leave my perch.

So I sit, in all my sadness and drink. Washing away dreams and wanting only the security of knowing that I did, at the very least, enjoy a few wonderous moments of heaven. If I retain nothing else, I will forever remember that golden hair and those sparkling eyes that once looked so deep into my soul.

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