Dear Cruel World

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This is in NO way serious! I simply wrote it in high school when I was hanging out with my best friend.

Submitted: October 20, 2012

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Submitted: October 20, 2012



Dear Cruel World,

If you're reading this, I am gone. Don't cry over me. Life will go on. I wasn't important enough to notice when I was there. So now don't pretend you care.

You probably wonder why I chose to die. Something deep inside me was struggling to be free. In school I was taught how to be the same, but my teachers are not to blame. It was all of society. As years passed there was a slow death of a feeling deep inside me. I began to stay locked in my room. I watched the news, fascinated by death and crime. I gave my most prized posessions away and layed on my bed daydreaming of this day. No one noticed how secluded I was..Why did I expect them to notice my unhappiness? No one ever does.

I cried till I had no more tears. I put the gun to my head, pulled the trigger, and was finally released from my hurt and fears. Now my body lies on the floor and I don't hurt anymore.

Learn from my death. Learn to treasure each breath. Let out that something inside you. To your heart be true. It's too late for me. This is the way it has to be. I waited too long and that part of me died. You still have time to release the love and laughter you hold inside. Don't wait till the day, when the light fades in your eye, as you softly whisper, "goodbye."


Finally free and at peace,




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