Playing Chicken

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I was stupid in high school. I wanted to impress some people. So I drank during school and on the property while under age. The same people I was trying to impress turn me in. Lesson learned. This poem was not inspired by that event. Still, I wrote it afterwords and it reminds me of my stupidity.

Submitted: October 19, 2012

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Submitted: October 19, 2012



Playing Chicken


It was friday night.

The city was aglow with neon light.

The phone rang.

It was the gang.

They wanted to go cruisin'.

I told them I was snoozin'.

They said, "Get your lazy butt up!"

I said, "OK, OK, Shut up!"

I got up, threw on clothes, combed my hair, kissed mom goodbye, and ran out the door.

Gone forever more.


I ran down the block to my friend's house and jumped in the car.

He said, "Hey look, I stole some alcohol from my parents' bar."

I said I had changed my mind.

Suddenly I found myself in a social bind.

My friend urged me to stay.

I decided to stay and play, but I decided not to drink.

My friend said the alcohol made it hard to think.

He laughed and said, "It's all good."

Shortly after that we arrived in the hood.


Two cars met on a country road.

It was easy to see the other car's passengers carried the same heavy load.


I longed for the past.

Of life's precious moment's, I knew these were my last.


The cars flew forward.

My friend turned to coward.

I screamed, "NO!"

What happened after that, I don't know.

Why did I come?

I knew it was dumb.


I thought it was just a game, but now it'll never be the same.

Mom and Dad are alone.

They blame themselves, but how could they have known..


If I had one more chance, I'd take it back without a second glance.


I wanted to look like a cool guy.

I choose to ignore my conscience and to die.


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