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How many proposals?

Submitted: August 17, 2013

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Submitted: August 17, 2013



When she had finished writing she gave the pen back to me, folded the paper, and put it into her bag. She looked at me while I was still transfixed by the light reflecting off her ring. She moved her hand to take me out of my trance, so she could see the ring on her hand herself.

“It’s really quite something, isn’t it?” she said moving her finger ever so slightly to the left and right.

“You can say that again. Not ostentatious, or glaring, just subtly intricate. That design is quite something.” I agreed.

“Yeah, one of his family friends is a jewelry designer; apparently this is one of a kind that the two of them created together. I never figured myself for a diamond kind of girl, but every time I look at it… I don’t know, I just like the feeling.” She looked up at me.

“Well it suits you, and I’ve always reckoned you’d make a great wife, right since the first guy you turned down,” I reminded her that Dude’s proposal wasn’t her first, “How many have you turned down now?”

She grinned, “Oh come on, you make me sound like some kind of hussy!” Then she raised her eyes to the ceiling and counted the air, “Excluding those that couldn’t get the words out, 4. But not a single one of them ever actually gave me a ring my dear.” She said turning the back of her left hand towards me to show me the evidence.

“4… Ok, first was that guy at Uni, he was hot! He asked you like 4 times over the three years. Then your first job there were two, but you only emailed me about those, and then there was the 4th one, I remember the palaver there; his family wanted him to stick to someone in his own culture, and he was on that trip to prove to them that he wasn’t like them. I can’t believe you managed to get him to change his faith!”

“I did no such thing. He was searching and desperate and lonely. I merely invited him to come to church when I met him at that braai, and he decided to take me up on my offer, I was surprised because hardly anyone ever does. Next thing I know, after two months, he’s realised that God is talking to him and I’m the one he has to marry to be with him on his journey as a pastor! Ha, like seriously? Not even I’m that gullible. If there were any truth to it, then God would have spoken t o me first. Anyway, he met his current wife in seminary and they are as happy as two church mice now. Their last mission was to Mozambique, apparently it was life-changingly incredible. So all ended well. And there is a prime example of how ‘voices in your head’ can be wrong. That this soul nonsense I’ve been living through can be wrong.” She took the paper out of her bag, reread it, folded it and put it back, “I just need to adjust my voices now.”

I laughed at her, and she giggled back, she was such an innocent soul, so beautiful in the honesty of her struggles, she always had the gift of making me know that even the worst will turn out well in the end.

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