A Dramatic Touch of Irony

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People writing poems ... do they know they last forever?
Is it possible to forget?

Submitted: February 03, 2012

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Submitted: February 03, 2012



A Dramatic touch of Irony


Can’t you see?

The dripping dramatic irony?

Your writing a poem to say:

“I’ve forgotten”…

Yet, to write is to remember;

To capture something forever.


Can’t you see the catch?

Your poem is a perfect match.

You’re writing to say:

“I’m loving life itself”…

Yet, true life is loving;

It’s the only way.


So strange for me to read,

(Now that you are “free’d”)

That you’ve ‘moved on’.

Yet, to be here,

You must remember there…

Recognizing that ‘to’ came ‘from’ there.


You’re ‘shouting from mountain tops’,

Pulling out all the stops,

Yelling about this: “free!”

Yet, you ‘shout’ it in a poem…

A permanent reminder of exactly where you’ve been.


So, maybe, really,

You’re not so ‘free’.

Maybe, not all is forgotten,

And it’s just a case of simple trickery;

As you blindly ignore:

The Blatant Dramatic Irony.

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