A Letter to My Lord

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Sometimes you just need to write to Him and say it like you feel it ...

Submitted: May 11, 2013

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Submitted: May 11, 2013



Dear Lord,

I woke up this morning. I prayed that You would give me strength to get through the day; that my health problems, the ones I've been praying about for years, that they wouldn't get the better of me today. I prayed Your presence in the day to use me as You needed. 

Then You gave me the strength to get out of bed, to get to work, change a life, inspire a soul, end a quarrel, change a perspective, give a smile, share a tear, spread Your word Lord. You gave me some extra time, to spend in Your Word, You took me to Psalm 42, and Lord, it was true. You knew it would be true, but Lord, I'm so tired, so tired of this, of getting through. 

The day continued and I gave a gift, gave a hug, relieved a trouble, helped another, got in the grocery shop too, with some encouragement for the tired cashier. Made sure I got the clothes washed, made a note to clean the car, worked through the ironing whilst preparing a balanced meal to keep this body going. I ate, I washed up, I cleaned.

The day carried on with correspondence, with jobs that needed to be done, with finishing off what was left on the list… and now I have to sleep…

Tomorrow will be the same, as yesterday was. Lord, You've used me lots, please may I come home?

All my Love

Your child

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