Angel Dude BBM conversation

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He wanted an answer to the letter...

Submitted: November 07, 2012

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Submitted: November 07, 2012



BBM Conversation


1 Hey Angel, got your email, when exactly did you have this ache?


2 You can’t be serious! I write an entire email and that is what you ask me?


1 Ja, well, that’s the part that stood out for me


2 That stood out for you? I’m telling you: you are blind to what’s going on; and you read one word


1 yes, so when was that


2 it doesn’t matter, it was not the point!


1 I want to know


2 my email told you not to ask


1 since when do I do what you tell me to? Spill it


2 you are so infuriating. Go away


1 I’m not going until you tell me


2 but it’s irrelevant


1 if it’s irrelevant, then why can’t you tell me?


2 because I’m not getting your head going


1 ha ha, you already do, too late for that ;)


2 you would find that amusing. ugh


1 I’m going to GHOST you and sing Henry the 8th, I swear


2 that worked years ago, in my presence, I’ll turn my phone off


1 then I’ll leave voice mails and get your phone beeping, or do you have it on vibrate ;)


2 one track mind


1 straight to you. spill


2 will you leave me alone then


1 not exactly as I still have to reply to that email. Which site have you posted me on?


2 Booksie. You don’t have to reply


1 you think I’m going to terminate any conversation I can get with you, think again. I’ll see the response for myself. Ache, don’t change subject


2 between that girl friend of yours who was dancing on ships, she was away and you hooking up with your ex-fiancé


1 that was the same night


2 the night was brief, the feeling was brief. I left remember, quite excited, and returned to your tongue down ex’s throat


1 that’s the only window I got


2 yip, I was glad that family emergency happened after all


1 damn. Ok, I’ll explain that in my email. Love you


2 don’t bother


1 tough crowd


2 wooden performance


1 always. Put Pinocchio to shame ;)

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