Apology to My Soul

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We are three part beings, body, mind and soul, so why do we focus so much on our bodies, or our minds and leave out our souls? Soul awakening is an unbelievable experience, so much happens...

Submitted: October 21, 2011

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Submitted: October 21, 2011



Apology to My Soul


I’m sorry,

I didn’t know,

I was unaware,

That I was being so unfair.


My mind made all the rules,

I made it good and strong.

My body I kept in shape,

In the health for which it longed.


My body needs so much,

My mind craves even more;

I’m so sorry I never realised,

That you were feeling sore.


I went to church,

And stayed awake,

And in those brief quiet times

I tried to concentrate.

I’m sorry that’s all that came your way;

Only a few moments on the odd day.


I pushed love aside,

I crumpled all my feelings inside,

My body and mind were reeling,

Now you need so much healing.


You’ve been a deserted child,

Crying out for so long.

I’m sorry I never realised

You needed to sing your song.


I understand why you exploded,

I understand our despair,

I get all this depression,

I know I brought us here.


I’m sorry I avoided you;

I’m sorry I shut the door;

I’m sorry I never listened

To all your cries before.


Now I know you complete me;

I’m sorry I’ve wasted our time.

Oh my soul, my heart, my Spirit,

I’m sorry I left you behind.


I’m stepping up to the plate;

I’m here now, even though it’s late,

I’m listening, I’ve opened up the gate.

Now we’re here together, let’s not wait.


Please help me;

Please take pity on this body and mind,

We’re incomplete without you,

There’s no peace we can find.


Please share all your desires,

Together let’s inspire.

Please show me our passion again,

Together let’s ignite a flame.

Let’s make up for the past;

Because, now, at last,

I’m REALLY awake.


© Copyright 2018 Shannan Browne. All rights reserved.

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