But I Know ... by Angel

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Sometime things are inexplicable and you sit on the tightrope of faith and reality ... which side to choose? Believe or stop believing? Life will continue in it's mundane repetition, but should you go with it, or find light?

Submitted: July 29, 2011

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Submitted: July 29, 2011



But I know

The city around me.

Another Café.

Another cuppa.

Tall, soy, decaff.

My Life.

Repeating the same track.


Silently running the motions,

Covering all chasms below,

The dreams and emotions

I’m too in awe to show.

Did I see heaven;

That incredible sight?

Or was it a day dream;

That glorious light?


A surreal experience

I felt unfold

Engulfing my soul

I Know;

But, in reality;

Nothing says: Sold!

So my imagination,

My gut, my heart,

Hold the intangible

That fact tears apart.


Why is my heart so loud?

Why am I still dreaming?

Why am I still thinking: I Know;

When all the evidence says:

Stop believing. Let go.

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