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Things have taken a turn - hopefull good things ahead

Submitted: May 17, 2013

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Submitted: May 17, 2013




Wow! Things really can unfold quickly.

Angel received the April Fool's card, made her decision to accept what her family requested, in order for her not to have to go through the consequences…

While that was happening we had no idea that Dude's fiancé was cheating on him and he found out and dumped her. Apparently it was quite an ordeal and she didn't take it very well. Who thinks that one only has to be monogamous after you are married?

I honestly can't picture Dude taking that mentality lightly; especially with that moody, explosive temper of his (I never wrote that!).

Anyway, that all happened 6 weeks ago.

Then Dude heard about Angel's ordeal, and he's spent the last 6 weeks reorganising his life, work, clients and all the rest of it so he could fly back to South Africa and be with her!

He arrives in South Africa this weekend.

I'm hoping and praying that he will be able to bring the smile back into Angel's life, she has been such a ghost of herself over the last couple of years. Still, the freedom of deciding to walk away from all the 'haunting' and strangeness has done her the world of good, and I can see a little more of that infectious sparkle and energy returning each day. Which makes my heart very happy for her.

Now I'm waiting to see what this weekend is going to bring :-)

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