Dude to Angel 9, his week

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Dude is living it up in London, despite all the hard work

Submitted: December 11, 2012

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Submitted: December 11, 2012



Sweet mother of all that’s good and pure. Another week, another travelling circus.


Company hosted a departmental annual update-type event followed by drinks and a “barbecue” in the park where they put hamburger patties on the braai.  Sacrilege!  I volunteered myself as braai-master and deliberately under-cooked them from there on.

South Africans – 1

English sorts – 0

After being all polite and formal whilst trying to keep drinking pace with some larger types, I excused myself at about 23h30 to go home – what I neglected to do was just that though – and I met up again with New York girls.  I made specific rules for the evening, the most predominant of which was that 03h00 was home-time (even if Belinda Carlisle was playing).  So we found an Irish pub in the area that begged for some dangerous dance moves – to which end I complied.  Suit, tie and work shoes as my dancing gear I braved the floor to Irish tunes!  Needless to say that I found out that my work shoes had a blue suede tinge to them after beers – I was Elvis re-incarnated and several of the more regular patrons took quite a fancy to it.

Pulled one particular dangerous dance move; had a sore back, glass in my hand after and tweaked my knee (for those who know me well are fully aware of the knee-saga) – so (although not a problem at the time) I’ve been a wounded soldier this week!

Got home on time.  Good effort.

South Africans – 2

English sorts – 0

Irish pubs – 1



Thank goodness work only starts at 09h30.  Had a networking event in the evening with one of the prestigious London law firms where tenpin bowling was the main attraction.  So I drank some beers, bowled some balls, and basically came out trumps! 

South Africans – 3

English sorts – 0

Irish pubs – 1


Wednesday: Nought to report.



Another networking event.  Crisis.  Got introduced to a drink aptly named “Zombie” where after you appropriately adopt such status.  Got home late again after some more random dancing  (I was singing “Life is a Highway” to myself all of Friday morning, so I’m sure we went somewhere fun).

I can safely say that the Poms were the hero’s of the evening…Although I vaguely remember placing a £200 bet on the upcoming SA vs. ENG match…

South Africans – 3

English sorts – 1

Irish pubs – 1



Ha ha!  Villains that made me drink didn’t make it to work and I did!

South Africans – 5 (includes working bonus)

English sorts – 0 (deduction for missing work)

Irish pubs – 1

Burton-on-Trent was the next stop for the circus show – got there fine but my departure was cancelled due to the ridiculous amount of snow that descended. Met some awesome people again. Contemplated sticking my leg out on Monday on the side of the freeway to get back home but was convinced that the coach was the better option.  Eventually made it.

South Africans – 5

English sorts – 2

Irish pubs – 1

Remote towns – 1


The end of a crazy week – there was the odd event that was censored ;-)

All going well here still although I'm battling a bit of a hangover today! Nice one...
Take it easy, chat soon - always good to hear from you!


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