Earnest letter to Ken in 1958

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She wrote him this letter in one last attempt to convince him that the Creator's plans were going to turn out perfectly, despite his cynicism and belief she was wrong.

Submitted: June 18, 2013

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Submitted: June 18, 2013



9 March 1958

Dear Ken,

Look, I know you are sick and tired of me pestering you. I am well aware that you have told me you “don’t believe in all that stuff”. You told me that it is absolutely “ridiculous that a plan could be in place for us”. You almost yelled at me the last time telling me “There is no Creator, there was no plan for us before we were created!” I get it; I get your opinion and your stubborn, er, sorry “strong-willed” nature, but please listen to me, please.

I had another dream last night, those gifts that we were promised were real. There was this awesome car, a few actually; one I don’t even think has been manufactured yet! Then there was this mind-blowing house, can you spell: LUXURY?!?!?! The dream follows on from that one in Malibu with all those beautiful waves and gorgeous cocktails. I’m telling you Ken, the dreams are vivid, tactile, it’s like I’m seeing our future in a living photo album.

I realise you have told me that if I pursue these dreams and go with the Creator’s plan, then you want nothing to do with me. His plans are so AMAZING that I can’t pass them up; I can’t loose hope or cut off His perfect plan. It’s all about love and being a role model.

I’m going with what my gut knows is true. Sure, we’re just dealing with imagination and hope now, but isn’t that where all reality begins?

By accepting the terms of giving my whole self, I know good, great, awesome things will come, I reckon there may even be a song about us, “in my world – it’s fantastic” – can’t wait for that, or driving with the top down in that car I dreamed of, in designer clothes that are to die for!

Ken, don’t be a stubborn, er – get over yourself – pain in the anal backside, join me for the awesomeness, let’s be gorgeous shooting stars!

If you change your mind and want to join me in being famous, let me know.



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