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This one is published with the Dude's permission :-) Much appreciated!

Submitted: November 27, 2012

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Submitted: November 27, 2012



Hi Angel … just filling you in as I write that other reply … keeping you in suspense and all that. No worries about the tears, I have a sister, remember… relieved about the iron, couldn’t have you walking around all crumpled now, could I ;-) stay positive, and that make over, hmmm, I’d like that too ;-)

So, another great week in London-Town!  Although it must be said that this place has nothing on good old South African weather – and I’m fully aware that the worst is still to come!  Seriously, it’s either raining or threatening to do so, but the brief spells of sunshine that do grace us are most welcome – in fact, I’ve made a habit of going for a walk outside when it happens because you’ll be amazed at the number of people who go to the park and start shedding clothes like it’s the beach!  Very amusing…

So I’m sporting an office-tan of note – I maintain that there are more tanned people in the centre of London than there are back in Durban; it’s really ridiculous the amount of self-tan that gets applied here!  Again, not complaining.

Ok, so being the sociable sort I can be when on form, I volunteered to assist at the James Bond premiere that The Office were hosting – but there was a catch – I needed a date.  Now I’ve got friends to call on for this sort of crisis, but they all seemed to be busy as I neglected to put the word out until Friday afternoon (event on Saturday).  So I headed off into the weekend dateless.  No problem, I had a function in Wimbledon where I bumped into a few other mates I knew and again postponed the date-finding exercise foolishly – so 12 o’clock rolled by and Dude remained dateless.  Because the tubes were uncooperatively closed, I tried to navigate back to the centre of town with the help of the friendly night bus driver man.  I got lost again and ended up going in the wrong direction and my compass was at home.  So I simply got off the bus, stood around for ten minutes contemplating my next move when another friendly bus driver man arrived going in the opposite direction – I figured that I couldn’t get more lost and it had started to rain so the circus continued it’s merry way. 

Time check – 01h30. Status – Dateless. 

Then I met these two girls from New York who too were on the travelling circus so we decided to do the only sane thing – find a pub (at least this way getting lost becomes more entertaining).  On explaining my predicament (what must have been rather amusingly) they thankfully enjoyed it immensely and volunteered to be my date!  Both!  So now I had two.  In celebration, we decided to find a club of sorts and vowed to only go home again when the tubes re-opened (about 06h00) – it was a good idea at the time.  We missed our defined curfew and ended up coming home at 08h00 where-after sleep was critical as my kebab that I decided to be breakfast was threatening to have a repeat performance and I thought that by sleeping I would trick myself to feel fine in a few hours.  Slept through the start of James so missed my volunteer spot!  What a dork.  Anyway, no dramas – I’m just cheesed that I missed the movie!

Having not learnt my lesson about venturing down to unknown parts of London (that’s basically everywhere) I decided to meet up with other mates in Clapham.  Good night out – met loads of new people and found some cool spots, although did find myself singing/dancing to the likes of Belinda Carlisle – which amused the group I had latched on to (I’m yet to work out if it was my singing or dangerous dance moves that made them point and laugh).  Sunday then proved to be a day of morbs and serious post-jol depression, so I figured that I might as well kick myself while I was down so I did washing, ironing and even ventured to the gym to murder myself and sweat the residual alcohol out of my system.  Lovely.

Right, so my stories to date are predominantly beer-related, but that’s because it’s all we’ve been up to (aside from work) – but I’m reinstating the lifestyle audit, i.e. the gym programme starts again as does a more healthy existence – go watch some shows etc.

Sending lots of light your way




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