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The conversation continues... friendship, what a wonderful thing

Submitted: November 25, 2012

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Submitted: November 25, 2012



Hey Dude… I got to school early this morning, hence the ludicrous time of sending this email… um… because I was up last night, thinking about what a pain and an emotional drain I can be, yes, I know you know this already, but still… and I, well, I just wanted to thank you for phoning me up from London yesterday, and thanks for apologising for your ‘hang over’ email. I’m glad that your alone time in London has got you thinking about things, I think that’s a really good thing my friend. I thought about it and, yes, I’d love it if you replied again properly, I think that would be really cool. I’ll try and be nice in my reply, ignoring the mail under discussion…if I manage that is… I can’t promise not to throw in the odd comment though I’m afraid… sigh…

Then the other thing, ja, I wanted to apologise for spending most of the phone call in tears. I realise that you probably didn’t want an hour long call and there I was drizzing away. Remember when I used to be the only chick who didn’t cry? And now I’m the total opposite, it’s horrible, my friends are seriously worried about me… it really does suck. I’ve made a plan about the iron by the way, Mom gave me some vouchers that she won for the Pavilion Shopping Centre; I’ll go by another iron with them. I can’t believe I was so clumsy to drop it, I guess I wasn’t expecting to hear your voice… anyway, thank you for listening to my drivel, and thanks for your advice. I did turn off the radio and I did get to church for an incredible evening service. I felt so much better after that. They had this cool sign up, in the same font as the Coca Cola brand, it said, in white font on the red: Jesus Christ The Real Thing. I was amused… I’m sure you don’t spend your Sunday mornings in tears, but your remedies were great.

More positive vibes too: Shannan has put all her Eish! London photos on Facebook now, I’m so excited for her; that was another reason to be happy. She’s been working on this dream for years, and now she has a book and she’s getting it all up and interactive. I do hope God blesses people abundantly with it. Someone’s already told her they want the whole novel, how exciting is that?!?! Then our friend Abi called and the insurance are going to pay for all the geyser damage and she’s traded giving extra lessons to a learner with the learner’s dad who’s going to fix her car. So much of AWESOME. So as I’ve made my mind up to think positive, positive energy came my way… and those love birds have moved into the tree outside my window, love that. Thank you for starting my positive thinking today Dude. I think you may need to phone me every Sunday now… I also think a make over is a really good idea; I can chop off this long hair and dye it black, I’ve always wanted to do that again, and the guys at Uni said I looked hot when I did it back then.

Anyway, don’t want to take up too much of your work time in London town, I realise you guys are always busy on Monday mornings, hope that revolting squeeze in the tubes was bearable ;-) I look forward to your email and I’m totally game for your idea to write this book together through letters. I can’t believe that you sat down and made a plan, you are a legend, and as I think about us working together, I’m actually getting totally excited. I’m ready to have some fun, I’ve been miserable for too long and it sucks big time. I think you may just be the man to pull me out of this rut, Sunshine, not that I’m into matrimony remember, but after your words yesterday, my arm may have been twisted a millimeter  ;-)

Stay blessed, BIGGEST HUGS, Angel

PS I went out and bought Christmas cards too, what shall I do with yours this year; London or your home here? Let me know. Ciao

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