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He'd been quiet for a while and she had an idea to run past him

Submitted: March 27, 2013

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Submitted: March 27, 2013



Dear Dude,

How is life treating you sunshine? I haven’t heard a word from you in ages, so I’m guessing that the love train is still running on full steam for you. Lovely stuff.

I thought about you this weekend as I was at a wedding in Pretoria, one of my dear dancing friends married a mechanic, it depressed me that he couldn’t dance so they didn’t have a first dance… or that is what I have assumed anyway as the groom spent all of 5 minutes on the dance floor near the end of the evening and the first dance was a group one  Gang Nam Style, literally. Once again it enforced my conviction that if at any point I do end up with another half, then he shall be a man who can dance. Full stop. I concede that I did indeed take you up on your opinion of me and I wore a completely revealing figure hugging red dress so the photos could enjoy the hour glass shape, and the dress was semi-layered/ruffled so that my cellulite was completely disguised. Red stilettos completed the outfit with a rose necklace I bought at Lake Constance, Oberstafen in 2001. I was shocked that the necklace from over a decade ago was the perfect colour! Anyway, other than the ridiculously tired face, the rest paid homage to your tribute my friend. I just had a desire to let you know that.

The other thing I wanted to share, as I am now on a better road than some of my last emails, despite my health still being in a terrible place. I read a book by Miss Lea; you can find her on Booksie or get the book on

She wrote it so well, that I have asked her to write my story. The reason I know her is because we worked together for a couple of months when I did my stint in London, so she sent me an email requesting that I get her book on Kindle, so I did… and then the idea hit me… I need to get my story out my system so I can move on, and she loves to write, so I can email her all my journal stuff in connection with all the correspondence we have had since January 2011 and she can type up and publish my tale.

I emailed her the idea and she was totally keen, it’s great because we are so very similar it is uncanny. We are both South African teachers (which is no longer a fun task for me, some learners are simply unbearable these days) so we get each other’s time tables and responsibilities. We can meet up during the holidays and go through stuff together. I’m actually quite excited, it feels like it will be a way out of the turmoil I’ve been living through and my inability to make sense of anything in my life right now… so what do you think?

I would love your go ahead my friend.

Let me know, with a bit on how you are doing.

Love, hugs and blessings


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