Glued and Stuck

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Love doesn't make sense. How can someone come into your life for no apparent reason and then change you forever after, without your permission? It's not fair!

Submitted: October 17, 2011

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Submitted: October 17, 2011



Glued and Stuck


Now he’s stuck;

Stuck on my brain.

He used a glue stick,

To drive me insane.


The thoughts stuck;

There on my brain,

Seeped through the glue

Into my veins.


Through the veins;

His essence travelled,

Entering my heart,

Leaving me baffled!


He infiltrated my blood stream;

He cracked open my heart;

Espionage via my mind;

I didn’t even see it start.


He states: “Not Guilty.”

He only denies.

Says I’ve made it up,

That he “Tells no lies.”


Yet there is pain;

Deep in my heart,

As every little piece of me

Falls apart…


I guess it was child’s play,

With toxic glue,

That seeped through my veins

To make me love you.

© Copyright 2018 Shannan Browne. All rights reserved.

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