God did a clean up

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In life there are rubbish times and crystal clear times... pollution and cleansing... cycles, all in cycles...

Submitted: August 08, 2012

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Submitted: August 08, 2012



God did a clean up

The city was spewing smog

Many layers, thick and dense

Even the birds were flying low

In choking self defense


Smudged skies, depressed sighs

Smothering dirty buildings

Suffocatingly filtering filthy air

Through machines’ conditionings


God had had enough, too much

Seeing His land suffer pollutions

He just knew He had to send

The mother of all solutions


He whipped up gale force winds

He sent His thundering rain

And threw in some lightning

Striking out from his pain


The clean up lasted one whole day

Awesome elements in full array

People had to stop their play

And indoors they had to stay


When the suffering was done

And the clouds blew out to sea

People looked out their houses

At God’s pure majesty


The sun, a glorious heavenly orb

On His earth did shine

Tickling untouched beauty

Colours sharp; divine


Blue grey clouds at sea

Buildings clean and new

Starkly contrasted dark and light

To God all credit is due


There’s nothing like His light

Crystal clear and true

When the storm is over

And His awesomeness shines through

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