House by the sea I believe...

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I have no idea where this one came from... or why...

Submitted: September 10, 2012

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Submitted: September 10, 2012



This is an article and it’s a weird one, because I have no idea why I have to write it, or where the idea is coming from, nevertheless, it must be done.

I had a bit of a dream and someone is planning to, or is building, a house by the sea.

So I need to tell them, whoever they are, from whatever nation, that there are specifications they must ensure they take into consideration.

Don’t go near building with wood, stick to face-brick, wood rots by the sea and the maintenance is ridiculous, so don’t build with stick.

Don’t put in roller shutters to cover the windows because the mechanisms rusts and the shutters deteriorate faster than you know.

The windows are always picking up the humidity, so make sure that they are accessible and open the right way and far enough to be cleaned, especially if it’s a double storey.

The entertainment area should be under the house or further away, so when there are extra guests the children can sleep while the elders play.

You can’t have sand traipsed into the house, so make sure that there is a shower or wash area outside the house.

A swimming pool is not a good idea near the ocean, because the sea is right there and pool water often goes green like a potion.

The bedrooms should be on the top floor, with the bathrooms too, make sure that the pipes don’t rust and the septic tank isn’t going to backflow up the loo.

Ground floor, you need a his and hers study, and a guest toilet, can’t be unequal with space for both of you, that you’ll regret.

A beach home can have a combo lounge, tv, dining room, only make sure that there is a decent sound system for the tunes.

The kitchen should be nearest the garage because you carry groceries, where you’ll need a decent pantry if the house is far from amenities.

All appliances must be rustproof including the kettle, be weary of everything potentially rusting if it’s metal.

If there’s a verandah with seats and rocking chairs, stay away from wood once again and don’t have slippery when wet stairs.

Don’t have automatic or electric anything that’s important, because the power often cuts and repair men can seldom get to you to help out.

Be cautious with the flooring type you choose; only carpets upstairs or laminate flooring, but the downstairs be smart with what you use.

Remember the storeroom you’ll need for beach accessories,

Remember that nowhere is absolutely safe, so don’t skimp on security.

Make sure the geysers have outlet pipes and that you can get into the ceiling, because there are animals by the sea who enjoy its homely feeling.

Make sure that the humidity won’t make anything electric trip, and that the inside paint won’t let you see the humidity drip…


Whoever you are, if you read this and it helped, great, if this means nothing to anyone, it’s a good thing I already don’t trust my mental state.

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