I need to forgive, please ask

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How do you forgive if it isn't asked? How do you let go when you are holding onto nothing? How do you ask? Should you ask?

Submitted: February 12, 2012

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Submitted: February 12, 2012



I want to forgive, please ask


What’s the methodology for forgiveness?

What are the steps one should take?

Is there a request form I should make?

“Dear sir, I can’t forgive until you ask.”

“Dear sir, do you know you hurt me so?

Now help me please to let it go.”


I’m not managing to sweep it away,

I’m no good at pretending that way.

Surely you can acknowledge your wrong;

If a form won’t do, then maybe a song?

“Please, please, please,

Heal my soul’s dis-ease.”


Is it even possible to just: Let go?

The hell I’m living through is screaming: “No,

Surely there should be some sort of show?”

Like: “I’m sorry that you are hurting so,

That was never how it was meant to go.”

“Thank-you, that’s all I needed to know.”


How does one forgive;

If forgiveness is never asked?

You got to forget,

I only have hurt left.

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