Love Song for a Stalker

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Stalkers... hidden in the background... it can't be healthy... facts should be looked at in a realistic light

Submitted: July 12, 2012

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Submitted: July 12, 2012



Love Song for a Stalker (with no feelings)


I don’t make you wanna fall

Or call me in the middle of the night

Or surrender your soul

Or hold me til the morning light


You haven’t kissed me a thousand times

I haven’t walked passed your door

You haven’t walked passed mine

Hello, it’s not me you are looking for


It doesn’t start in your toes

Or even crinkle your nose

If you see my face

There’ll be no tingles in a silly place


You aren’t crazy about me naked

Maybe my hips did lie

It’s not dejavu on that street,

Or viral love, it’s a drive by


We didn’t find love in a hopeless place

I’ve been where I should’ve all your life

I’m not the only girl in the world

You don’t want me as your wife


I’m nowhere near an ‘it girl’

You don’t want 25 to life

Life’s not complete if I mother your child

Neither of us fit husband and wife


Stop putting: ‘marry me’ (dumb idea indeed)

In my dysfunctional brain

I’ve kept far away from matrimony

And I suggest you do the same

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