Lyrics written Pre 2004: MY SECRET

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Sometimes you fall in love with a friend, you don't know when or how it happens, out of the blue you realise they mean everything to you... but you can't tell them, because the friendship means too much... So it stays your secret...

Submitted: February 07, 2012

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Submitted: February 07, 2012





My first thought in the morning

My last smile at night

My dreams as I sleep

The tears that I weep

Each moment is yours

My secret to keep


Have you ever loved a friend?

Fallen for someone’s soul?

Felt someone close make you whole?

Have you ever felt a love,

That you just couldn’t hold?

Just a little a secret,

A tale that couldn’t be told?


You’re the north to my south

Your grin makes me laugh

You make my life easy

Your tears tug my heart

I want to tell you,

Show you, but I can’t




You’re a gift & a curse

My living torment

Something I can't cheat.

You hold my heartbeat

Friendship shouldn’t be

Shouldn’t run so deep




When did you touch my heart?

Travel in my dreams?

Make me feel real love?

Is this what it seems?

What else is in store?

I want so much more

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