Play for Girls: Who I Am (Cast of 5 teens)

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Valentine's Days are difficult to deal with, especially whe you are far from a loved one, or single. But there is ALWAYS hope and one should never sacrifice who they are to 'fit in' or 'please others'. Everyone needs to be true to themselves, or things will go wrong...

Submitted: July 29, 2011

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Submitted: July 29, 2011



Who I Am ©

by Shannan Browne


Ronel – Grade 11, good student, balanced individual (Chevon’s sister)

Alison – Grade 11, trendy, mischievous, slightly over-the-top (Christen’s sister)

Taya – Grade 11, Top of her class, uptight, logical character

Chevon – Ronel’s older sister, second Year University, boyfriend is overseas

Christen – Alison’s older sister, second Year University, Chevon’s best friend, in love with David


Setting: Verandah / Garden at the back of Ronel and Chevon’s parent’s home

Set: Outdoor bench and outdoor table with 3 chairs around it

Entrances and exits are to and from the main house stage right

Stage Directions: Kept to a minimum for Director’s discretion on how they want to direct subtext and nuance.

Ronel (off stage): Come guys let’s go outside. (Entering with cool drink in hand) It’s such a gorgeous day; we can’t waste it inside.

Enter Alison (with a cup of tea) and Taya (with her cool drink)

Alison: I’m going to curl up right here all afternoon! (she curls up comfortably on a seat)

Taya: Not only do you love cats Ali, now you look like one too.

Alison: Nothing wrong with knowing how to chill out Taya. You should try it some time. Get a cup of tea, close those horrible school books and just RE-LAX!

Taya: Whatever! Then I’d end up next to you with D’s on my report card.

Alison: Well as my big sister says: "Any mark above 50%, means you’ve worked too hard." So I’ll take my 60% and my cup of tea thank-you very much.

Ronel: You’re so lucky that your parents don’t mind what you get.

Alison: Oh, they mind, but I show them that my marks are above the grade average and I convince them that I can’t be doing too badly if I’m above average. I reckon my last year is the only year where I have to get A’s. Until then, I’m working on my relaxation techniques.

Taya: Alison, you are so weird.

Alison: No, dear Taya, I like to think of myself as having my priorities right. Besides what’s the point in stressing when you do enough of it for all of us?

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