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He thinks it's a fair enough idea to try... but the time span is rather long...

Submitted: March 27, 2013

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Submitted: March 27, 2013



Hi there!

Sorry about the overdue email - I've really been busy - I know that is not much of an excuse, but I'm leaning on it for now... I have a mammoth email from my Mom to reply to as well, so it looks as though my first coffee this morning is going to be spent getting some forearm exercise!

In sympathy for the sorts that you have to deal with daily: I understand completely how insolent and downright impossible teenagers can be! I'm sure that when I was one, I was topping the charts as one of the worst of the lot, but I think that being in a boarding school somewhat nullified the effect on the public - I'm sure that the teachers still suffered my wrath though. I think things were also a little different in our time, as the whole manners thing was still in force.

It's ridiculously cold here these days and although the sun popped out once this week, it didn't provide any warmth and it doesn't stay up in the sky for too long either! So it's not as though one can strip off one's kit in the park during lunch and catch a few rays, as pneumonia is all that will grace you...

I went to go watch a game at Wembley - it was unbelievable - such a spectacle! Can't say that the game itself was all that enthralling, but the atmosphere was electric! Of course I went with my lady, I love her more and more every day, I never thought it would be possible for my heart to keep expanding like it is doing. She will do something out of the blue, or say something, and I can only stare at her and smile, just loving it all and not wanting the special moments to end.

With regards to your email, I have one response: go for it girl. You listed so many things that hadn’t worked in trying to get the idiot out of your system and if your gut tells you this is the way, then travel the path lovely lady. I checked out Miss Lea’s site and I agree, she writes well and will be able to write about what you are battling with. Just remember, that when it is in the public realm then it is really out there… so be sensible and don’t share things that will make you look like the witch, cause we both know you aren’t.

I wish I had have been at that wedding to dance with the lady in red

Right back at you, keep me posted on how things are coming along… we are looking at years here, by the way…



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