Short Play: Think Before You Vote

Short Play: Think Before You Vote Short Play: Think Before You Vote

Status: Finished

Genre: Humor



Status: Finished

Genre: Humor



We start making choices and suffering consequences from a very young age. Young girls need to realise this and this play is written to assist them in spreading the word - You Choose You Life, You Vote, so think about it.
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We start making choices and suffering consequences from a very young age. Young girls need to realise this and this play is written to assist them in spreading the word - You Choose You Life, You Vote, so think about it.


Submitted: August 02, 2011

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Submitted: August 02, 2011



Think Before You Vote ©

By Shannan Browne


Joyce - Intelligent, argumentative, Grade 11

Natalie - A peacemaker, who is interested in hearing everyone’s opinions, and seeing the good in people, Grade 11

Melanie - Is concerned with her appearance, not very intelligent, Grade 11

Precious – Black African. Not very bright girl who enjoys teasing her friends, generally sleeps through class, Grade 11

Gina – arrogant, thinks she is the best at everything, Grade 11

Gabi – Grade 11

2 Prefects who are about to go in to Grade 12

2 Grade 8 delinquents

Play is set on the school break field. Directors can use either benches or outside tables and chairs slightly off centre stage to create different levels. A bin is required at one end of the stage. The tuck-shop and toilets are situated off stage. If no resources are available, then the stage can be a bare break field.

Bell Rings and the noise of learners leaving class can be heard. 5 girls come onto stage with their bags and position themselves around the benches / tables. They have just come out of science class.

Director to decide who eats lunch when. Various activities take place throughout the play:

Checking cell phones, writing in diaries, catching up on homework, eating various foods, doing each others hair, doing their nails, etc. all according to their character.

Gina: I can’t believe Mr Kenton wouldn’t let me be in charge of the science experiment. He knows that I’m a straight A student. I should’ve been in charge of the group, not Mandisa. What does Mandisa know? She can’t even spell her own name, never mind Bunsen Burner.

Natalie: That is so off sides Gina. I think she did a great job.

Gina: Not the point Natalie, I would have done a better job.

Precious: Whatever!

Gina: Precious? What do you know? You slept the whole way through science. Again.

Precious: Well I’m awake now, and I’m sticking with Natalie. You can’t be in charge all the time Gina. It gets boring listening to your voice droan on and on.

Gina is aghast and tries to thump Precious who ducks in time and laughs at her.

Joyce: Personally, I found the whole experiment boring; and that smell! It was ridiculous. I’m sure it’s messed up my sinuses for life!

Melanie: I hear you girl; but at least it singed my nose hairs, so I won’t have to pluck for a while now.

Joyce: You pluck your nose hairs? That’s so gross!

Melanie: Nothing gross about it. The less body hair, the better.

Joyce: No Mel, that’s taking it too far.

Melanie: You can never go too far with the removal of body hair Joyce. Check these legs, like silk! And these eyebrows – a perfect line! I deserve a medal.

Joyce: You deserve a mental asylum.

Melanie shows Joyce the palm of her hand and turns her head away from her "whatever". Then she gets up with her wallet and phone in hand. She is permanently attached to her phone.

Melanie: I’m going to the tuck-shop, anyone want to join me?

Precious: Ja, I’ll come, all that sleeping has made me hungry.

Melanie: Cool. Anyone else?

Gina: No, I’m going at second break. Thanks.

Natalie and Joyce: No thanks.

Precious and Melanie leave to go to the tuck-shop.

Joyce: Seriously guys, plucking your nose hairs? Natalie, check up my nose. Do I have long nose hairs?

Natalie: I’m not looking up your nose.

Joyce: Gina?

Gina: Not a chance!

Joyce: Fine, then I’m going to check in the toilet mirror. {She gets up and starts walking away.} Later.

{Goes off stage.}

Gina: Why does she have to prove everyone wrong?

Natalie: So she can always be right.

In walks Gabi with flyers in her hand, passes one to Gina.

Gina: How’s it Gabi? {Taking the flyer.} What’s this?

Gabi: It’s a flyer for Megan.

Gina: taking a flyer and browsing it. No way! I forgot! We have to vote for head girl in registration today.

You can have this back Gabi, I’m not voting for Megan.

Gabi: Why?

Gina: Because she beat me in science last year. She’s the reason I’m only going to be a prefect and not head girl.

Gabi: What? That’s silly; head girls aren’t head girls because they do well in science. Seriously Gina.

Gina: That’s what you think.

Gabi: OK, if you are right, then don’t you want someone cleverer than you to be in charge?

Gina: How can I trust someone who stole my place? Seriously? Please! Move on.

Natalie: I’ll take one Gabi. {Takes a flyer.} I think Megan would be a great choice. She has the brains to make the right decisions for us next year.

Gina: Us? You aren’t a prefect next year Natalie.

Natalie: I’m well aware of that, but I’m in my last year too and we will all be lead by the head girl, not just you and your prefects.

Gabi: Totally. The head girl represents the whole school. {Checks her watch.} I have to go girls, got to hand out the rest of these before break ends. See you in English.

Natalie: Cheers.

Gina ignores her.

Joyce returns carrying a rolled up poster in her hand.

Joyce: I don’t have long nose hairs and neither do the grade tens on the field.

Natalie: You didn’t?

Joyce: Of course I did. I couldn’t make a decision based on my nose hairs alone. It’s official: high school students do not need to pluck their nose hairs, and Melanie is a freak.

Enter Melanie and Precious with their tuck-shop food to overhear Joyce’s last comment.

Melanie: Well have you looked in the mirror lately? Because that hairstyle reminds me of my grandmother.

Joyce: Well at least my nose hairs don’t.

Melanie pulls a tongue at Joyce, who pulls one back. Precious has seen Joyce with the poster in her hand after she offered her some of her tuck.

Precious: What’s this Joyce? {She asks as she takes it, unrolls it and reads it herself.}

Joyce: It was stuck up in the toilet.

Precious: Vote For Leigh For Head Girl. {Precious doesn’t understand.} What?

Joyce: We are voting for head girl in registration today. Remember?

Precious: We are? I must have slept through that too.

Natalie: Well here’s a flyer to vote for Megan. {She hands the flyer to Precious, who refuses because of her full hands.}

Joyce: Megan? Are you nuts?

Natalie: Nooo. I think she’ll be a great choice, she’s objective and fair and she works hard at everything she does.

Joyce: Yes, and she is so far up the teacher’s backsides that we see her face teaching us!

Precious laughs and puts the poster back into Joyce’s hands. Natalie looks timidly offended and shrugs her shoulders.

Natalie: You have a negative opinion of everyone; you probably think you should be head girl.

Joyce: Absolutely not. Being head girl is too much responsibility; in fact, I didn’t even apply to be a prefect. I think the whole selection process is a scam, and the teachers just choose who they like anyway. I’ll bet you a hundred bucks they have already selected the head girl and our vote doesn’t even count.

Natalie: How can you say that? All the head girl nominees are good people, and the teachers wouldn’t waste their time and all that paper if it didn’t count for something.

Joyce: "Good people" does not mean "Good leaders" Natalie, and the teachers wouldn’t let someone we actually like be head girl.

Natalie: That’s the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard. Of course we have to like the head girl. I’ve liked all the head girls I’ve ever had, I got to know them really well when I was in all those break detentions.

Gina: Yes Natalie, but you like everyone anyway. Personally I felt that Mara was a bad choice this year, I never liked her in the first place. She beat me for captain of the Netball team last year.

Precious: You were grade 10 Gina, and the captain is always a senior.

Gina: Not the point Precious, I would have done a better job.

Precious: Whatever!

Gina is aghast and tries to thump Precious who ducks in time and laughs at her, same as before.

In walk 2 prefects with 2 learners doing litter duty. One prefect comes to talk to the group whilst the other instructs the 2 delinquents to pick up litter and watches them put it in the bin.

Prefect: How’s it ladies? Gina, don’t you have duties today?

Gina: No, this is my day off. I have to work the foyer tomorrow.

Precious: teasing her. "Work the Foyer", ooooh how exciting. To a Will Smith Boom Shake the Room tune. Work the Foyer, Work Work the Foyer. Work the Foyer, Work work the Foyer.

Everyone laughs but Gina who gets Precious with a serious, but friendly punch this time.

Gina: Whatever.

Prefect: So what are these flyers and posters all about? Science project?

She reaches to Natalie who hands her the flyer.

Prefect: Ah yes, voting today. I hope you guys are going to make a good choice. {She gives back the flyer.}

Gina: I always make the right choice.

Prefect: Oh really? So who are you voting for then?
Gina: Leigh.

Prefect: But she’s white.

Gina: So?

Prefect: Aren’t we supposed to have an Indian head girl next year? Last year’s head girl was white.

Joyce: Ahhh. So, you think that the teachers choose the head girl before we vote?

Prefect: No. I think that they make our vote worth so little that it doesn’t affect how they vote.

Joyce: Ha! You see ladies, I told you so.

Gina: You did not say that. You said that our votes "don’t count".

Joyce: Same thing.

Natalie: If that’s the case, then why did you tell us to make a good choice?

Prefect: Hope ladies. We’ve go to have hope. Imagine if the whole school voted for one person for the right reasons. Imagine if everyone voted objectively; not because they have a grudge, or because of skin colour, or something that happened in the past. But, instead, they all vote because of the good that the girl could do. They vote for the person who shows the most honesty, integrity, fairness and impartiality. Can you imagine? Then the teachers couldn’t ignore us, because we made a good, solid choice together. That would be cool. {The other prefect calls her to move on.} On with my duties. Think about it ladies, and don’t forget to think before you vote!

She leaves the stage with the other prefect and delinquents.

Precious: She was too much. On what planet would we agree on anything?

Melanie: Like we have a choice not to vote, the teacher won’t let us out to break unless we complete that form.

Joyce: You could spoil the vote, or abstain.

Melanie: Say what?

Joyce: If you put 2 ticks or crosses next to someone’s name, then your vote is spoiled and it doesn’t count. If you take your pen and put a line through the page, then the vote is also spoiled and doesn’t count. No one can force you to vote.

Gina: True, but you’d be silly to do that, because that’s like giving your vote to the person you don’t want to be in charge.

Precious: What do you mean?

Gina: If you don’t vote, then that’s one less person for or against the winner.

Precious: Oh.

Gina: And if you spoil your vote, then you shouldn’t criticize what the head girl does when she’s in charge, because you helped to get her there by not voting for anyone else.

Precious: That’s true hey…

Natalie: But don’t you think it would be cool?

Gina: What?

Natalie: If the whole school agreed on choosing the person with the most honesty, integrity and fairness?

Gina: No way. Where would the democracy be if we all agreed?

Joyce: Where would the argument be? We could all end up plucking our nose hairs. She teases Melanie.

Melanie: Shut up.

Natalie: C’mon guys I’m being serious. Surely we should all vote for the girl who is best for the job, not the girl who is best for our personal satisfaction?

Precious: You are living in dreamland girl. Of course I’m going to vote for the girl who can help me.

Gina: And who would that be?

Precious: Portia.

Gina: Portia? But she hasn’t even had a conversation with us before. All she does is public speaking and run her own business at school. She only knows how to spin a story and manipulate to get her own way. There’s no real substance to anything she says.

Precious: But she’s a black African.

Natalie: You can’t be serious Precious. "Because she’s black"?

Joyce: Apartheid ended years ago!

Melanie: Even I’m not that shallow!

Precious: It has nothing to do with apartheid or being shallow. Portia knows where I come from. She understands my culture. She bothers to say hello to me; and if I’m sleeping in Zulu class, she’s the one who wakes me up before the bells shocks me. She cares about me; and I don’t have to talk to her for her to understand me. She is Black like Me. The other two would never even give me the time of day.

Melanie: Hello! You would be too busy sleeping to ask.

Precious: Ha ha, aren’t you so funny.

Natalie: I hear what you are saying, and actually it has nothing to do with colour and everything to do comfort. You’re comfortable with her because you think you can relate to her. But is comfort a good reason to vote for someone? And if you actually had a conversation with her, would you still relate to her?

Melanie:I heard that she comes from very wealthy parents who are in the government and they sent her here because this is a government school, but she actually wanted to go to a private school. Apparently her parents are the reason she has been nominated.

Precious: That’s such rubbish! I heard her talking to the Zulu teacher like she was from the farmlands.

Joyce: You mean last week Friday?

Precious: Yes, after she woke me up and I was going to Maths Lit.

Joyce: No man, she was asking about how the "farm people" talk, because she’s doing her English Oral on "Different Kinds of Black Man". She thinks it is a great "Anthropological" topic. The teacher loves the idea.

Precious: Anthro-what?

Gina: An-thro-po-logi-cal. It’s the scientific study of human beings in relation to culture and society and stuff like that. Apparently she wants to study it at University.

Precious: She thinks there are different kinds of black men?

Joyce: Yes, she does.

Precious: That is so wrong. If you are black, you are black.

Natalie: You see. How can you choose someone who you only think you know? {Precious is a bit bewildered and shakes her head; she compares her two arms, trying to see if they are different colours.} Don’t worry Precious, they are the same colour! {Melanie’s gets a message during the last few lines of speech. She checks her phone.} Melanie: Speak of the devil! Check it out guys {She reads out the message} "Good morning my fabulous people. Don’t forget to vote for me today. Portia. Xx".

Everyone else checks their phones. No-one else has a message.

Gina: I didn’t get one. Why does she have your number?

Melanie: I can’t remember. Um…{she thinks and enjoys the attention as everyone stares at her expectantly.} Oh, yes! She wanted to use my make-up artist for the Grade 11 Dance, so I gave her my number and told her to message me in advance as Carlos is always so busy. I think he did a brilliant job, especially with her skin. Of course my make-up was way better.

Gina: You see Precious, do you really want to vote for Portia?

Precious: Well, why are you voting for Leigh? I thought you were going for that brainiac Megan.

Gina: Megan stole my place as head girl; she can go and jump off a roof for all I care. Leigh, however, is intelligent, top of English and Afrikaans; of course she’s not as intelligent as I am…but, I think she is graceful and beautiful. She makes me want to be like her… that is if I weren’t as fabulous as I am already. She plays sport and is top of her drama class; that takes talent; and because it isn’t me who is being chosen, I think she is the next best role model for the grade eights and nines.

Natalie: Someone who is a role model? That’s a different way of looking at it.

Precious: Portia could be a good role model too.

Joyce: Ja, if she didn’t let people sleep in class and got them to wake up and actually listen!

Precious: What is this? Pick-on-Precious’s-sleeping-habits Day?

Melanie: Isn’t that everyday?

Precious: Melanie, I’ll show you how to pluck those nose hairs. Precious comes after Melanie who protects her nose. The bell rings for the end of break. They all start picking up their stuff. Joyce and Gina are in a rush.

Gina: See you girls later, if we are late for Mrs Huttings class she’ll make us sit on the floor again. Later.

Natalie: Cheers. {They run off.} Mrs Cots is great she doesn’t care if we are late. {They finish collecting their bags and putting rubbish in the bin.} Mel, who are you going to vote for?

Melanie: Me? I’m thinking Leigh. I think the way she does her nails is divine.

Precious: How about the way she plucks her nose hairs?

Melanie: Precious I swear … Precious has starting running out already, Melanie chases her and Natalie follows behind. Lights fade down.

Scene 2

Bell goes for the end of registration and lights come back up again.

Gina, Natalie and Joyce come out to break again with their bags.

Gina: Guys please watch my bags. I’m going to the tuck-shop before the queue gets too long. Do you want anything?

Natalie: No thanks. {Takes a seat and gets out her lunch.}

Joyce: Opening her bag and taking out some silver coins. Please get me a Liqui-Fruit. Any flavour. Thanks.

Gina: Sure thing. {She leaves.}

Joyce joins Natalie.

Joyce: Well done on your English oral. I thought you were great.

Natalie: Thanks man. I worked really hard on it. I think my mom would’ve killed me if I’d even whispered it once more.

Joyce: Smiling. I can imagine. I have to make my sister listen to mine; my parents are too busy.

Natalie: Ja, they’ve always worked hard. I remember when you had your last sleep over; your Dad stayed at his computer all night. I kept thinking: "Does he ever sleep?"

Joyce: Nah, he has insomnia, so he only sleeps for an hour or so a night. It’s terrible, because he checks my homework at like 2 in the morning, and then if anything is wrong he wakes me up at half past 4 to fix it!

Natalie: Shame man. My parents stopped checking my homework this year, after I had proven to them that I was behaving. I haven’t been in detention once this year.

Joyce: Ah yes, remember that? You were always in trouble in grade 9. Your parents were in the principal’s office like every second week. Eish you used to make us laugh.

Natalie: Those were good times. But when you’re nearly expelled it’s not so funny anymore.

Joyce: But that Red dye in the School Swimming Pool was brilliant! I can’t believe you got the idea from the science teacher.

Natalie: Mrs Craig didn’t tell me to do it, she just did the experiment in science and I thought about it on a bigger scale. I thought I was being really smart and should’ve got an A; but the principal didn’t think so. She gave me two weeks suspension and the whole of grade 10 on probation. It sucked.

Joyce: But look at you now. You’ve gone from the E class to the A class. You are captain of the softball team and the volleyball team. You are on the student representative counsel and all the juniors love you. To be honest I thought you would’ve at least been a deputy, never mind a prefect. In fact, I thought you were on the original voting list? Didn’t I vote for you?

Natalie: Maybe… I was on the list. I even had 5 teacher recommendations. I seriously thought I had a chance. I really did. They sold that to me in grade 10: "Pull up your socks Natalie and you could even be a prefect." Ha! What load of rubbish.

Joyce: Yes, I did vote for you.

Natalie: You aren’t the only one. I had more votes than Gina.

Joyce: What?

Natalie: Please don’t say anything. No one is supposed to know.

Joyce: C’mon Nats we’ve been friends since grade 1. You know I can keep a secret.

Natalie: tentatively Well… This year’s prefects did the counting of the school votes for our year; and Chanel was on the SRC with me and she was in charge of the final count. She said that I received 600 votes out of the 1000 learners in the school and Gina only got 450 votes.

Joyce: Are you serious?

Natalie: Very serious.

Joyce: But that’s so wrong. Why aren’t you a prefect then?

Natalie: That’s what I didn’t understand. So I went to my mentor, Miss Smith, and she said that was very strange and she would find out and let me know.

Joyce: And?

Natalie: She called me aside the one break and told me it was true, but because of my behaviour in grade 8 and 9, the staff committee had decided not to let me be a prefect. She said: "They were worried I would go off the rails again."

Joyce: That is so unfair! How can they do that?

Natalie: I don’t know. I was so angry. I worked my backside off to improve myself to be ready for final year. I really wanted to have "Prefect" on my testimonial. Boy did I blow up at Miss Smith, hey. Shame, I wasn’t very nice.

Joyce: I wouldn’t have been either!

Natalie: After I had finished yelling at her she calmed me down and told me that teachers watch girls from grade 8. She said that they watch how girls handle pressure, how they work with other people, how they treat their teachers, the level of respect they have and stuff like that. If someone doesn’t have all the qualities by the end of grade 10, then it would be a risk to put them into a position of stress and hard work, because they might fail final year, or let it out on the juniors, which would create big problems. She also said that people remember everything that you do, and if you behave badly towards anyone you break trust and respect, and it is incredibly difficult to get those back.

Joyce: Even so, you have more than proven yourself this year.

Natalie: I know I’ve worked hard, but I still haven’t repaired the bad impression I created in grade 8, 9 and 10. I’m going to have to earn back the teacher’s trust and respect this year, or they are going to remember me as the horrid brat that I was. Look at how I blew up at Miss Smith? I need to learn to control that.

Joyce: Ah shame my friend; that sucks.

Natalie: Not really. I’m glad I learnt the lesson now and not in my first job! I would have been fired by now.

Joyce: laughing. Now that would be a bad testimonial.

In walk Melanie and Precious. They are very unimpressed.

Natalie: How’s it guys, what took you so long?

Precious: Don’t even go there!

Melanie: There are such losers in our class. It isn’t called 11 "F" for nothing. F.A.I.L.! Fail.

Joyce: What happened?

Melanie: Of course everyone takes donkey’s years to get to registration. Then they give Miss grief because they say they didn’t know that they were voting and it’s unfair that they haven’t had time to prepare. Like they prepare for anything; ever!

Precious: So Miss says: "tough", and they must sit down or else we won’t get to break on time. So they start moaning to her about their rights to go to break, which takes even longer.

Melanie: Then Miss tells us to add Jacqui’s name back on the list so that there are 4 people.

Precious: So they moan about that too. Asking: "Why’s she on the list?"; "How do you spell her name?"; "Why do we have to vote?"; and "We don’t care."

Melanie: Then the bell goes and they decide to stop moaning; but now we aren’t allowed to leave, because Miss said we all have to hand in our votes before we can go to break. Then they can’t decide who to vote for and only 4 people in the class have pens. It was ridiculous!

Precious: It was a dog show once again and we missed half our break!

Joyce: You guys are too much. We walked in, added Jacqui’s name, voted and left as the bell went. Easy.

Melanie: Only because your class actually realises it’s important to bring pens to school. Precious…

Precious: What? What do I need a pen for? I photocopy your notes.

Melanie: Not after today you don’t.

Precious: Whatever!

Melanie: We’ll see.

Natalie: Hey Mel, do you know why we had to put Jacqui back on the list?

Melanie: No. I thought she wasn’t a prefect anymore because she’s pregnant. I remember last year Jude was taken off the original prefect list, but then she wasn’t really an option for head girl.

Gina returns dragging Gabi behind her.

Gina: handing Joyce a Liqui-Fruit. Hey guys, you’ll never guess! I had to bring Gabi to tell you why Jacqui was put back on the voting sheet.

Gina pushes Gabi in front of the group. They {look at her expectantly}: Why?

Gabi: Her mom won the battle!

Joyce: What battle?

Gabi: The battle against the Governing Body. You see it’s in the Constitution that a woman can’t be taken out of her post if she’s pregnant. Like they can’t kick pregnant girls out of school anymore. Anyway, if they tell her she can’t stay on the list because of whatever, then that‘s classified as intimidation, which is illegal. She was already on the list for voting last week and her mom sent her lawyers to the school to tell the Governing Body to put her name back on the list. So they had to. Can you believe it!

Joyce: But surely it’s in the prefect’s code of conduct that you can’t fall pregnant during your term as a prefect?

Gabi: Nope. Nothing in our contract says anything about it. But I bet it will next year! And now that Gina has released me I’ve got to go sit with Megan, she’s seriously nervous about the head girl results. I’ll see you guys later. Cheers.

She leaves to general good-byes and a thank-you hug from Gina.

Precious: That’s crazy news. Do you think anyone voted for her?

Joyce: I did.

Gina: You what?

Joyce: I voted for Jacqui.

Gina: But she’s having a baby in High School!

Joyce: She’s standing up for woman’s rights. That takes guts.

Natalie: But the prefects represent us. They are the role models of the school. Surely you don’t want to advertise that we are promiscuous?

Joyce: Who says she was promiscuous? She’s been dating Cedric for 3 years already.

Melanie: That’s why they have contraceptives.

Joyce: Contraceptives are only 90% effective.

Natalie: Then she should abstain. That’s the smart thing to do.

Precious: And exactly how many girls do you know who "abstain"?

Natalie: All of my close friends actually.

Precious: Well then you need to park yourself in any of my classes for a day. They ain’t talking maths, I can tell you that much.

Melanie: And there’s very little talk on map work in my geography class. Natalie, it’s the norm these days.

Natalie: The norm for them maybe, but not for me.

Gina: I agree with you Nats. Sex before marriage just isn’t smart.

Joyce: But that’s not realistic you guys.

Gina: Realistic? Do you want realistic? Try HIV/AIDS, try STDs, try the affects of abortion, try the financial and emotional burden of being responsible for another human being for the rest of your life! What about the strain on the rest of your family? What about having to put all your dreams on hold; maybe for the rest of your life?

Precious: You’re droaning again Gina.

Gina: Oh, do you think so Precious? Do you think that having a solid reason for looking after myself and my interests is droaning? I think you better think again. Sex leads to babies, and sure everyone makes their own choices, but those choices have consequences that will affect you for the rest of your life and I for one, refuse to take that lightly. I’m not going to let the satisfaction of lust take away my dreams.

Joyce: But it wasn’t the "satisfaction of lust". They want to get married next year. You only have to be in their company to see that they really love each other.

Natalie: But how can I respect someone who’s pregnant at school? How can I take her seriously?

Joyce: Try not judging her.

Melanie: But she’ll be so fat in our uniform! How can you respect that? I keep myself slim, I look after myself, and I expect my head girl to do the same.

Precious: No, you don’t "keep slim", you live on lettuce leaves.

Melanie: Shut up. I keep myself slim; and I don’t believe it will look good to have some pregnant girl in the same uniform as me.

Natalie: Thanks for that Mel, but I wasn’t talking about appearances, I was talking about morals.

Joyce: Jacqui has never had a drink in her life, nor has she smoked a cigarette. She is a straight A student and head of the debating team. She runs the SPCA collective and helps at TAFTA on the weekends. Where are the bad morals here?

Natalie: She’s pregnant.

Joyce: Yes, but that’s one thing. Why does one thing cancel out everything else she has done?

Gina: Because that’s how society works.

Joyce: Well then, I disagree with society. I think she’s really awesome for all she is doing, and all she has done, and I voted for her.

Gina: Then we agree to disagree, because there is no way on this planet that I would ever vote for a pregnant girl. I voted for Leigh like I said I would.

Precious: I listened to what you all said and I changed from Portia to Megan.

Melanie: I went with Portia actually. I think she’s similar to me, and I liked my exclusive phone message.

They all look at Natalie.

Natalie: I abstained. The school lost my trust a long time ago.

Joyce: Hang on. That’s one vote for each girl from each of us… so who is going to win?

Loud speaker comes over …

Adult voice on Loudspeaker: The teachers have finished counting your votes. Your new head girl is…

Black out

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