Short Play: Think Before You Vote

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We start making choices and suffering consequences from a very young age. Young girls need to realise this and this play is written to assist them in spreading the word - You Choose You Life, You Vote, so think about it.

Submitted: August 02, 2011

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Submitted: August 02, 2011



Think Before You Vote ©

By Shannan Browne


Joyce - Intelligent, argumentative, Grade 11

Natalie - A peacemaker, who is interested in hearing everyone’s opinions, and seeing the good in people, Grade 11

Melanie - Is concerned with her appearance, not very intelligent, Grade 11

Precious – Black African. Not very bright girl who enjoys teasing her friends, generally sleeps through class, Grade 11

Gina – arrogant, thinks she is the best at everything, Grade 11

Gabi – Grade 11

2 Prefects who are about to go in to Grade 12

2 Grade 8 delinquents

Play is set on the school break field. Directors can use either benches or outside tables and chairs slightly off centre stage to create different levels. A bin is required at one end of the stage. The tuck-shop and toilets are situated off stage. If no resources are available, then the stage can be a bare break field.

Bell Rings and the noise of learners leaving class can be heard. 5 girls come onto stage with their bags and position themselves around the benches / tables. They have just come out of science class.

Director to decide who eats lunch when. Various activities take place throughout the play:

Checking cell phones, writing in diaries, catching up on homework, eating various foods, doing each others hair, doing their nails, etc. all according to their character.

Gina: I can’t believe Mr Kenton wouldn’t let me be in charge of the science experiment. He knows that I’m a straight A student. I should’ve been in charge of the group, not Mandisa. What does Mandisa know? She can’t even spell her own name, never mind Bunsen Burner.

Natalie: That is so off sides Gina. I think she did a great job.

Gina: Not the point Natalie, I would have done a better job.

Precious: Whatever!

Gina: Precious? What do you know? You slept the whole way through science. Again.

Precious: Well I’m awake now, and I’m sticking with Natalie. You can’t be in charge all the time Gina. It gets boring listening to your voice droan on and on.

Gina is aghast and tries to thump Precious who ducks in time and laughs at her.

Joyce: Personally, I found the whole experiment boring; and that smell! It was ridiculous. I’m sure it’s messed up my sinuses for life!

Melanie: I hear you girl; but at least it singed my nose hairs, so I won’t have to pluck for a while now.

Joyce: You pluck your nose hairs? That’s so gross!

Melanie: Nothing gross about it. The less body hair, the better.

Joyce: No Mel, that’s taking it too far.

Melanie: You can never go too far with the removal of body hair Joyce. Check these legs, like silk! And these eyebrows – a perfect line! I deserve a medal.

Joyce: You deserve a mental asylum.

Melanie shows Joyce the palm of her hand and turns her head away from her "whatever". Then she gets up with her wallet and phone in hand. She is permanently attached to her phone.

Melanie: I’m going to the tuck-shop, anyone want to join me?

Precious: Ja, I’ll come, all that sleeping has made me hungry.

Melanie: Cool. Anyone else?

Gina: No, I’m going at second break. Thanks.

Natalie and Joyce: No thanks.

Precious and Melanie leave to go to the tuck-shop.

Joyce: Seriously guys, plucking your nose hairs? Natalie, check up my nose. Do I have long nose hairs?

Natalie: I’m not looking up your nose.

Joyce: Gina?

Gina: Not a chance!

Joyce: Fine, then I’m going to check in the toilet mirror. {She gets up and starts walking away.} Later.

{Goes off stage.}

Gina: Why does she have to prove everyone wrong?

Natalie: So she can always be right.

In walks Gabi with flyers in her hand, passes one to Gina.

Gina: How’s it Gabi? {Taking the flyer.} What’s this?

Gabi: It’s a flyer for Megan.

Gina: taking a flyer and browsing it. No way! I forgot! We have to vote for head girl in registration today.

You can have this back Gabi, I’m not voting for Megan.

Gabi: Why?

Gina: Because she beat me in science last year. She’s the reason I’m only going to be a prefect and not head girl.

Gabi: What? That’s silly; head girls aren’t head girls because they do well in science. Seriously Gina.

Gina: That’s what you think.

Gabi: OK, if you are right, then don’t you want someone cleverer than you to be in charge?

Gina: How can I trust someone who stole my place? Seriously? Please! Move on.

Natalie: I’ll take one Gabi. {Takes a flyer.} I think Megan would be a great choice. She has the brains to make the right decisions for us next year.

Gina: Us? You aren’t a prefect next year Natalie.

Natalie: I’m well aware of that, but I’m in my last year too and we will all be lead by the head girl, not just you and your prefects.

Gabi: Totally. The head girl represents the whole school. {Checks her watch.} I have to go girls, got to hand out the rest of these before break ends. See you in English.

Natalie: Cheers.

Gina ignores her.

Joyce returns carrying a rolled up poster in her hand.

Joyce: I don’t have long nose hairs and neither do the grade tens on the field.

Natalie: You didn’t?

Joyce: Of course I did. I couldn’t make a decision based on my nose hairs alone. It’s official: high school students do not need to pluck their nose hairs, and Melanie is a freak.

Enter Melanie and Precious with their tuck-shop food to overhear Joyce’s last comment.

Melanie: Well have you looked in the mirror lately? Because that hairstyle reminds me of my grandmother.

Joyce: Well at least my nose hairs don’t.

Melanie pulls a tongue at Joyce, who pulls one back. Precious has seen Joyce with the poster in her hand after she offered her some of her tuck.

Precious: What’s this Joyce? {She asks as she takes it, unrolls it and reads it herself.}

Joyce: It was stuck up in the toilet.

Precious: Vote For Leigh For Head Girl. {Precious doesn’t understand.} What?

Joyce: We are voting for head girl in registration today. Remember?

Precious: We are? I must have slept through that too.

Natalie: Well here’s a flyer to vote for Megan. {She hands the flyer to Precious, who refuses because of her full hands.}

Joyce: Megan? Are you nuts?

Natalie: Nooo. I think she’ll be a great choice, she’s objective and fair and she works hard at everything she does.

Joyce: Yes, and she is so far up the teacher’s backsides that we see her face teaching us!

Precious laughs and puts the poster back into Joyce’s hands. Natalie looks timidly offended and shrugs her shoulders.

Natalie: You have a negative opinion of everyone; you probably think you should be head girl.

Joyce: Absolutely not. Being head girl is too much responsibility; in fact, I didn’t even apply to be a prefect. I think the whole selection process is a scam, and the teachers just choose who they like anyway. I’ll bet you a hundred bucks they have already selected the head girl and our vote doesn’t even count.

Natalie: How can you say that? All the head girl nominees are good people, and the teachers wouldn’t waste their time and all that paper if it didn’t count for something.

Joyce: "Good people" does not mean "Good leaders" Natalie, and the teachers wouldn’t let someone we actually like be head girl.

Natalie: That’s the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard. Of course we have to like the head girl. I’ve liked all the head girls I’ve ever had, I got to know them really well when I was in all those break detentions.

Gina: Yes Natalie, but you like everyone anyway. Personally I felt that Mara was a bad choice this year, I never liked her in the first place. She beat me for captain of the Netball team last year.

Precious: You were grade 10 Gina, and the captain is always a senior.

Gina: Not the point Precious, I would have done a better job.

Precious: Whatever!

Gina is aghast and tries to thump Precious who ducks in time and laughs at her, same as before.

In walk 2 prefects with 2 learners doing litter duty. One prefect comes to talk to the group whilst the other instructs the 2 delinquents to pick up litter and watches them put it in the bin.



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© Copyright 2017 Shannan Browne. All rights reserved.

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