The Flamenco Feat

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Flamenco, an awesome therapy for the soul, for the feet, for the heart that beats. Capturing its essence in words is a challenge, but the outcome a passionate release.

Submitted: October 11, 2011

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Submitted: October 11, 2011



The Flamenco Feat


Uno dos tres,

Body, heart, beat

Echoing Spanish feet.

Triumph on stage

Royalty and earth meet.


The Flamenco Feat.


Arms heaven hailed;

Body, beauty framed,

Stretched curves angled

Bold and tame.

Grounded balance shown,

Stop, go, cut, flow,

Rhythm in motion,

Passion’s overflow.


Movements honed

Tense and toned

Skirts flared

Colours thrown.

Patience, power,

Strength alone.

Fluidity of flows,

Flames of Flamenco.


Focus, balance, poise,

Precision placed poems.

Twist, twirl, turn.

Claps, chords, core;

Controlled; cradled; caressed;

Contrasted; complimented;

Eight, Nine, Ten.


Strumming guitar;

Heels, fingers, toes,

Circles of motion,

Lines explored, exposed.

Hips, shoulders, wrists,

Singers; strings; soul.


Poetry on the floor;

Stamp, clap, hold;

Release, flow, unfold.

Intense concentration;






Moving emotion,

Moving enjoy,

Holding happy,

Reaching heaven.


Spirits taking flight,

Magic, ignites.

Grounded in earth,

The souls’ release,

Grounded in inner peace.

The learning continues

Piece by piece

Echoing the heart;

The Flamenco feat.

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