Never say die

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Young Adult  |  House: Booksie Classic

never say die. to a friend

Running, running always running.

Running from the fears the regrets.

Never staying still.

Always on the move.

I shy away from feelings.

I try so hard to separate myself from you.

But you’re like a bad dream that won’t go away.

And when you think it’s over.

It’s just the beginning.

Why do you torment me the way you do?

Why is it I can’t get away from you?

Why am I still here, with you?

You always say tomorrow.

Tomorrow will be better.

But as each day comes

And as each day goes.

Life doesn’t get better.

It only worsens, and your still there.

Why can’t you let go

Let go of me

Why can’t you say good bye

And leave me be

I asked you this once

And ill ask you again

But as you said over and over

Each time more intense

You looked me in the eye

And you said

“Because you are my friend”

You said

“And ill never leave again”.

Submitted: June 13, 2008

© Copyright 2020 ShannaStecca. All rights reserved.

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Interesting discussion of a most common problem. When feelings, between 2 people, are not mutually shared. Each for the other. Gave it an "I Like It" vote.

Happy trails,

Ed Bradley.

Sat, June 14th, 2008 3:47am



Sat, June 14th, 2008 9:26am


Wow, I loved this poem. I can really relate to it. Grea poem, very sweet. ^^

Mon, June 16th, 2008 6:56pm


Good work.........hope to see more of ur works................

Fri, July 25th, 2008 6:46pm


Really nice, I look forward to reading some of your other stuff :)

Fri, March 27th, 2009 8:05am



Fri, March 27th, 2009 3:49pm

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