Sunny on the inside

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What goes on in my mind

Submitted: February 13, 2014

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Submitted: February 13, 2014



Every day that passes, passes in a blur. The sun is shining bright but all I see is darkness. Finding it harder and harder to find a reason to smile. I try to pick myself up and be happy but as soon as I'm standing up straight, I get knocked back down. I feel like I'm crawling in a dessert with no one around to help me pick my self up. Feeling deserted. Feeling abandoned. For me, finding happiness in life is like finding a puddle in the Sahara. Just a mirage. Just an illusion. While my mind is off in the clouds, its only my feet getting me from place to place. I don't tell them where to go, they just go. When I lay in bed I just stare at the ceiling. My mind escapes back to home. Where my family is. Where the beach is with the warm sand. I miss home so much but I can't give up. The three people that keep me going are my mom, my dad, and my sister Heather. My sister was always the one to tell me things will be ok. My Dad there to protect me and support me. My mom as an example of a truly independent woman. This depression holds onto me. Some people just sacrifice themselves and take the easy way out. I've thought about it. but that's a permanent decision on a temporary situation. I love my family too much to do that. I have plans for myself and a life I will pursue. I may not see the light at the end of the tunnel now but i will keep searching. I will keep crawling until i get there.

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