The Mirror

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What I see as I look in the mirror.

Submitted: April 04, 2014

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Submitted: April 04, 2014



I just stare.

Stare for what seems like an eternity.

Looking at my face, my body, and the tears that run down my face.

I hear the voices in my head.

"Ugly cow"

"Fat ass"


"Stupid slut"

These voices appear as black demons with glowing red eyes that follow me everywhere I go.

I fall to the floor and hug my knees just wanting these voices to stop.

Every day I feel like i lay on the ground and there is a large group of people around me.

Shouting mean things at me. 

Some try to help me up but there is a much larger group that shoves me back down.

I take another look in the mirror.

My eyes tired from the tears.

I look at my body.

I see the exessive fat, the stretch marks.

I wonder how could anyone love something as hideous as me.

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