The Hunger Games Essay.

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This is just me going through the Hunger games and describing what i think , wouldnt really say its a book review though.


There’s 24 people and only 1 comes out... must be the most dreaded thing to hear , would be for me if I was katniss anyways.

For me The Hunger Games is a mix of love and action, ITS THE BEST BOOK EVER.

I’m also not going to discuss every aspect of the book, because nearly everyone in the right mind has read the hunger games.


So , to get started ill explain how I feel at the start of this book , Katniss had a good childhood , she had the strongest relationship ever with her dad as katniss explains it in the book , Katniss' dad taught her many things including how to sing and how to hunt, I always loved the way katniss spoke of her father , with such dignity and pride, then was katniss was 11 disaster stuck with her father dying in the mines , and from there things went downhill her mother couldn’t cope with it all so katniss had to basically raise her little sister Prim. They stay in District 12 , the poorest district , having to hunt all the time must have been hard , Katniss met Gale (her best friend) when she was 12 and they connected straight away with Gale's nickname for Katniss which was "Katnip" , what I’m about to say was never mentioned in the book but they must have felt so comfortable with each other , when you see the film Katniss (Jennifer Lawrence) does look beautiful with her hunting gear and fish tail but she’s not meant to be beautiful she’s meant to be scruffy and dirty , so it shows that they must have been comfortable with each other , and I love that.



I’m just imagining that being my little brother my heart would have dropped and I would have volunteered as tribute too...


When Katniss steps upon that stage she must have felt terrified she was probably relived it wasn't her sister but Katniss felt she had no hope she had no way of winning the games. When Peeta was called upon the stage Katniss only knew him from one place , when she was out in the rain starving sitting by the tree with her one pleat in not two and hoping for someone to help her , and peeta did , he through her some bread and that bread made her live. If you've read the book you already know that Peeta has a huge crush on Katniss and later on in the book he’s not "just playing for the cameras" he really feels something for Katniss and he would do anything to see her live and see himself die. Standing on that stage seeing the hundreds of people staring at you and thinking they are never going to see you again must be scary for everyone not just Peeta and Katniss , think about Gale his best friend , his love , his Katnip , is going into the games and there’s a big chance she might die. Think about Prim , she's seeing her big sister , her role model go into the games and there’s a big chance she might die, but for Peeta , he doesn't really have anyone , his family probably care , but not in the way that Gale and Prim care. I think the saddest part of the book and the movie is when they are saying goodbye in the room , when Prim gets told she has to leave and hugs Katniss telling her she has to win , it just breaks my heart because she’s trying to stay strong for her sister who needs her there with her. When Gale is there and Katniss tells him "Whatever you do don’t let them starve" it is actually giving me goose bumps thinking about it right now.  Moving on a bit, When they are leaving District 12 and you see Peeta starting to cry makes me so sad seeing it in the film , it’s just like wow , its real now , it seems real your thinking to yourself he's leaving everything behind , I think a little bit of those tears are for Katniss too. Moving on again, when they are in the train and they first meet Haymitch, Katniss cannot stand Haymitch and Haymitch cannot stand Katniss. They're sarcastic remarks from one another, Peeta really wants Haymitch to change and wants to know what to do but it just doesn’t work sometimes.



At this point , Haymitch thinks that Peeta is doing well everyone loves his bubbly , charming personality , when he declares his love for Katniss , Katniss cannot believe how he is lying about this , thinking "Star Crossed Lovers" we are not star crossed lovers and kind of goes a bit berserk on Peeta after the interviews. At Katniss' interview all she wants to do is pretend she is just talking to Cinna, Katniss loved Cinna because he didn't pretend it was a huge, amazing opportunity to be in the games, Cinna might work for the Captiol but he is one of the very rare people who find the games wrong. Cinna does everything to try and help Katniss because he finds she has such courage and does deserve all the help she can get. At the interview for Katniss with Caesar, the people of the Capitol cannot help but like Katniss, with her twirling her dress around. I think they find her very courageous but they do not understand what she is doing, how can they understand it’s just a game to them, isn’t it?



Katniss standing with Cinna, her thinking this is going to be the last time, “if I could bet on anyone I would bet on you” I think this meant a lot to katniss, but the main thing for katniss then was when Cinna had sneaked the Mockingjay pin into her suit, the symbol of rebellion, but really just a symbol of hope for her. 10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1... everyone went down one by one , and further on into the games Katniss had no allies but she seen that Peeta had , she must have felt so betrayed , thinking if he loved her , why try to kill her , all sorts of things must have been running through her mind , confusion , anger , hate , why? ...

Sitting up in the tree with all of Peeta and his gang below she must have been terrifying; she had no way of getting down, and no one to help her, until she spots little Rue in the tree a few away, Rue pointing towards the Jabberjay nest, at this point I know Katniss needed to get down, but I think it shows she cared more about herself then Peeta as Peeta could have been hurt.

Rue and Katniss , I loved that relationship , especially when they are eating together and Katniss offers Rue her piece of chicken or whatever they are eating , Katniss really cared about Rue and I think she symbolized Prim in a way , having a younger girl to look after in the games made her think of Prim as if Prim were there. When Marvel through the spear and it got Rue, I think everyone cried, this part of the story/film was so sad, seeing the motionless face of Rue and the face trying to stay strong on Katniss, Rue knew she was going to die at this point and she cried and asked for katniss to sing she had to die happy, but Katniss thought she would live, and that’s what makes it even worse for Katniss. When Katniss sings for Rue when she’s dying shows how much she did care for Rue, Rue tells Katniss she has to win, and at this point, she knows she does.

When they say 2 people can win the Hunger Games if they are from the same district, Katniss knows she has to find people it’s her last hope as she knows she cannot win it on her own, When she’s down by the river she finds him disguised and injured and they spend the next couple of nights in a cave.


The cave scene

Katniss knows she needs to get medicine from Haymitch sent to help Peeta and her only way to do that is to kiss him, In this part I still don’t think Katniss really does care for Peeta and I feel sorry for peeta, he really likes her and is getting led on... it ends up to get the medicine Katniss would have to leave Peeta and indeed she does, When she gets there Katniss is lucky she has befriended Rue as Thresh (the boy from Rues district) helps her from clove. “Just this time 12” he says and Katniss is so thankful.

The fight.

When they are fighting with Cato on top of the cornucopia I really don’t know why they automatically win, Peeta is strong and Katniss seems strong-ish, also Cato is injured so I don’t really understand this bit... when they fight, they win and they think they’ve won the hunger games, relief must have been the only thing they must have felt, relief to go home to see their families, to be alive.


The berries

Two people don’t get to win the games , so the only way they think they can win is to take the berries, at this point , yes Katniss does care about Peeta , and Peeta cares about Katniss , this is a sad bit but I find it sweet and romantic they would both rather die than have each other die.


The end

Katniss and Peeta do get out the games alive and they think that’s it , they are done with the games , yes they won the games, but they’ve not won, the Capitol want Katniss dead, and Katniss is going to do all she can do to stay alive.


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I really liked this! I read all of the books, and i also went to the midnight premiere of the movie! I lovvvveed it. It was so amazing and a truly exceptional find. Please take the time and read the novel in my featured writing section called "Black Eagles Love or His Captive?" :D It would mean so much if you would read the entire thing and then comment when you are finished! XoXo

Sat, October 13th, 2012 1:54pm


Thank you so much , ill read it later on tonight I'm sure it's great would mean alot if you added me as a favourite or become a fan or whatever you call it haha ill add you as a fan of yours thanksxo

Sat, October 13th, 2012 7:07am

mr ali

truely amazing your style is straight forward .please take the to comment on my works.

Tue, October 30th, 2012 4:46am


This is good! :)

Wed, November 7th, 2012 9:24pm


aw thank you really means a lot to me xx

Wed, November 7th, 2012 10:37pm

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