An Appeal for Acceptance

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A poem about a narcissistic mother treating her child poorly. This child is begging for her mothr to see her flaws and accept them as her's.

An Appeal for Acceptance


Why, when you know I'm hurting, do you put me down?

Why, when you know I need you, do you ignore me?

Why, when you know that every time you condemn me it breaks my heart, do you keep on condemning?

You know I have done no harm.

You know I am not the one to blame.

You know the weight lies not on my shoulders, but your's.

You see yourself as King of Kings; as she who can do no wrongs.

You think all others are to blame; that you perch on a pedestal of perfection.

Well, you are wrong.

You are not a King of Kings.

You have done wrongs and you are the one to blame.

Your pedestal of perfection is only pretend; no more than a pile of filth, a mountain of myths your mind manufactured.

You walk around all high and mighty, while, in reality, you are the lowest of the lows.

Everywhere you step a tsunami of suffering lies in your wake.

And as you turn back on the damage you have done, you don't even see it as your's.

Please, see it as your's.

Take it.

Let it belong to you and hold it tight. Learn from your errors as others have done. 

Accept this awful agony as an outcome from your actions.

Do this for those who love you.

Do this for those who have loved you, but no longer can.

Do this for those who have learned to despise you, and you may find that they loathe you no more; that this unwillingness to accept wrongdoing was their only argument for their antipathy towards you.

Do this and you may find that not everyone has tried to betray you.

Do this and you may learn that others still love you; that your first born still loves you and that I, too, still love you.

Submitted: March 29, 2017

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It's a tough thing to do, live life feeling like you can never be 'good enough', that you are badly flawed. The people that make others feel that way just don't seem to be able to see what they are doing. Well written and excellently expressed!

Thu, March 30th, 2017 3:53pm

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