Journey to Haven

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This is a short story that follows a boy named Wyatt and his girlfriend Emma along with Olivia, Noah, Logan, Lily, Leo, and Jackson. They meet old and new friends and try to survive an alien invasion. Who will survive, who will they lose?

Written by Shannon Downey and Rachel Bruhn

Submitted: March 07, 2014

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Submitted: March 07, 2014



I was lying unconscious in the middle of the desert when Olivia and Noah found me. They brought me to a camp where I was taken to a doctor. I couldn’t find Emma and whenever I asked, Olivia shushed me and told me to wait. When everyone left it was just Olivia and I.

“Look Wyatt, I could tell you everything, explain it all to you, but… but, I promised Emma I’d give you this instead.”

She handed me a journal I’d never seen before and left. I looked at the journal, ordinary. Not something Emma would give me as a gift. So, I opened it and inside was a log of 13 days passing. This is what it read.

Day One:

The movie night is probably the last thing you remember, so I’ll start there.

The memory entered my mind. Our whole group at my house, downstairs all curled up on the couches.

“I’m so glad we are finally able to have this Star Wars night,” Olivia says happily.

“And no one had to die for it to happen” Noah adds jokingly.

 As soon as the movie started the ground began to shake.

It starts as the FOX theme appears. We run for doorways and under tables. After about the longest five minutes of my life, it stops.

“What the hell was that?!” Noah hollers from somewhere.

“I’m not sure. Is everyone ok?” Logan asks from under the pool table, where he, Lily and Leo sit.

“I’m fine” Olivia yells from a doorway.

“Only a little shook up” Jackson screams from another doorway.

“All good over here” Emma yells from the stairway.

A wave of relief washes over me, everyone’s ok. We are safe.

Nobody was hurt when it subsided, just dazed and confused. When we had just about sorted ourselves out, the TV changed frequencies to a strange figure.

The TV has changed now to a figure that is beautiful but in a deadly sort of way. It is speaking but we don’t hear it as much as we feel it.

It’s melodiously hypnotizing voice enticed some of us to go outside.

It is drawing Jackson, Leo, and Logan outside; Lily is a bit hypnotized but Olivia snaps her out of it before she goes under completely. I grab Leo and begin to shake him violently; Noah jumps on Logan’s back and slams him to the ground. Both snap out of it quickly, when I follow the hypnotized Jackson upstairs, Emma and Olivia already have his arms pinned to the ground and Lily is sitting on his legs. Olivia is screaming at him to snap out of it and surprisingly it works.

We effectively rescue them from their trances, but when Noah notices the huge storm cloud, we become concerned again.

Looking out the window, that’s when I see it. A giant alien storm cloud circling above the northern sky.

“Holy shit. What is that?” Noah asks.

“I have no idea.” I reply.

“I don’t have a good feeling about this, guys” Olivia adds.

“It’s like a marry-go-round!” Jackson says cheerfully.

Suddenly the wind started to pick up and something like sand pelted the window like heavy rain. It starts seeping through the cracks. You inhale and choke on it, making you dizzy.

“Get downstairs!” Leo yells, “Now!”

We run down stairs but not before I inhale enough to make me dizzy. I struggle down the stairs and close the door behind me. Lily and Logan grab towels to block off the space at the bottom of the door so the sand doesn’t get it. I get to the couch and sit down. We are all breathing heavy from the short run.

“What… is… happing?” Logan asks breathlessly coming back down the stairs.

No one answers, because, no one knows. We all wait for it to stop although I’m not sure if it ever will. I begin to cough raspingly. It’s burning my throat.

“Are you okay?” Emma asks me.

“I’m fine,” I tell her, “I just inhaled too much of the sand.”

She gets me some water and I begin to drink it, but it burns my throat even more then the sand does and I start coughing up mud.

“Why did you have mud inside of you?” Lily asks dubiously.

“Is… is that from the sand?” Olivia asks.

“Gross, I think it is” Jackson states.

We all contemplate the mud in silence; you can hear the wind still roaring outside.

As soon as the wind died, the house became unbearably warm.

“Is this the end of the world?” Lily asks worryingly.

“Why would it be the end of the world?” Leo asks.

“Well, it IS December 21, 2012. We just had an earthquake IN MICHIGAN, an ALIEN came on TV and tried to get us to go outside where a GIANT sand storm cloud was waiting to explode, you saw what Wyatt coughed up, NOW we are having a tropical heat wave IN THE MIDDLE OF WINTER!” Olivia stepped in.

“Well, welcome to Michigan” Noah adds sarcastically.

“Shut up Noah,” Logan exclaimed, “Do you not see what is going on here?”

“I don’t.” Jackson chimed in.

“Shut up guys,” I yell, “This isn’t helping anything!”

“Guys calm down, I think the heat is getting to us,” Emma says calmly, “let’s all go outside and get some fresh air.”

“How do you know it’s safe? How do you know alien things are not right outside, waiting for us? How do you know it’s not hotter out there than it is in here and the moment we step outside we aren’t burned alive? How do you know, huh?” Lily began to yell.

“She doesn’t, no one does.” Logan calms her.

“Let’s just go outside” I interject, “So we at least know.”

We went upstairs and outside. The snow had been melted into mud and there were people lying in the streets unconscious.

A thin layer of sand covers the people in streets.

“This is so weird,” Lily whispered bending down to touch one of the people, “It looks like they are sleeping.”

I turn around and see Noah bent to another; he’s slapping their face trying to wake them.

“Noah!” I yell, “What are you doing?”

“Trying… to wake them up?” Noah replied uncertain.

“COLE!” Lily screamed, “I need to call him and make sure he is okay!”

Lily tried to use her cellphone, but, found that there was no reception.

She dialed and redialed, but every time was the same. No signal. She keeps trying until Olivia has to peel the phone from her hands.

“Wyatt, don’t you have a house phone still?” Olivia asks me with concern in her voice.

“Yeah, here, let’s go inside and see if it works”

We gather up the group and head inside to the phone. Lily dials Cole’s number and it goes through, but he doesn’t answer.

“He… he didn’t answer” Lily begins to freak out.

“Lily. I’m sure he’s…” Noah starts.

“No Noah! He didn’t answer, you see those people in the street?! Where do you think Cole is?”

“Not home” Noah snaps back, “This is Cole, he is somewhere safe.”

“Probably with Evan and Marcos” I add.

“Yeah and Evan is with Ava” Logan throws in.

“Thanks Logan that makes me feel SO much better” Lily says sitting back worried.

Olivia sits next to Lily and comforts her until she composes herself enough to continue.

We didn’t know what to do after that so you suggested we all stay at your house and spend the night.

After I mention that they spend the night, everyone seems to calm down. Staying here together is safest and we all know it.

We were all fast asleep; I was having a nightmare when Olivia woke me.

Day Two:

We went upstairs together to get water. That’s when we saw them, the people who were once in comas were now awake, their eyes a bright sheen of blue. We woke the rest of you at once.

I wake up to Emma rapidly shaking and tapping me, I look around and everyone is awake.

“What is wrong?” Leo asks in a hushed tone.

“They are alive” Olivia answers back.

Noah can’t help but laugh.

“They’re alive?”

“Yes Noah, the things outside. The people we thought were dead or in comas, are alive and walking around.” Olivia hisses back, “Come look for yourselves”

She leads us up stairs silently; she pokes her head out at the top of the stairs and looks around. Once she decides it’s safe she walks up the rest of the way and we all follow.

When we all got upstairs the creatures were trying to get into the house but their movements were sluggish and awkward, like they were learning how to walk in their new forms.

I look out the back and the people are falling and standing back up but learning how to use the bodies quickly.

“They look like a horde of zombies” Noah exclaims.

“But I bet when they get use to those bodies, they will be a lot faster” Emma adds.

“How do we get out of this one?” Lily asks.

“The man van?” Logan questions.

“Do you see anyone else driving around; no they’d know we were clean.” Noah tells him.

“A distraction?” Emma asks.

“Wyatt,” Leo whispers, “Wasn’t your dad going to have a big Fourth of July thing this year?”

“Yeah, I guess, why?” I ask.

“Just run when I give you the signal ok?”

“Ok, but what’s the...” I look over to Leo who’s already gone, “Hey guys, we need to be prepared to leave”

“Ok when?” Jackson asks.

“Now” I tell him.

I hear a whistling sound followed by popping and cracking, and then I hear it get louder and faster. That’s the signal.

“NOW” I yell.

We all take off outside and all the aliens are gone, going to investigate the noise, I suppose.

After Leo got the idea of setting off fireworks as a distraction, we escaped your house and the aliens, in your van and headed to Kroger for emergency supplies.

“Get in the van!” I whisper loud enough for everyone to hear me.

I jump in the driver seat with Noah next to me and everyone else jumps in the back before the doors are fully open.

“Leo?” Emma asks getting in the back.

Both Noah and I turn around to see Leo already sitting in the Jimmy Stewart seat.

“Ninja” Noah grins.

I start driving down the road to Kroger. There are a few cars and we can already see some aliens inside, but not many.

“They probably ran for cover from the sand” Logan proclaimed.

They all are leaving in an awkward unorganized fashion. I’m not sure how much time passes, but it’s been a while since the last alien came out.

“Let head inside” I tell everyone.

“Are you sure?” Jackson asks.

“Well, we won’t find out if there are any more inside, sitting out here.”

We entered the store and began to look for non- perishable supplies.

“Ok first we need water bottles and any canned goods you can find.” Emma begins to tell everyone.

“What about cheese?” Jackson asks.

“No,” Emma takes a deep breath, “Okay, this is what we’ll do. Wyatt, Leo, Jackson and Noah get water bottles and Logan, Lily, Olivia and I will get the food. Meet back at the van in ten minutes.”

So Leo, Jackson, Noah and I all head down to get water bottles.

“Okay so if we can all take a pack at a time we should be able to get a good amount in the ten minutes.” Leo explains.

“What if we get a cart and just put the water bottles in it and take them out to the car that way. It’d be a lot faster and we can get more that way.” Jackson asks.

“No we.... actually, that’s not a bad idea.” Noah announces.

We all grab carts and begin to load them with water bottles and head to the car. When we finish loading the car with enough water to last us for a week at least, we go back inside to see how the others are doing.

You packed the water in the van then met up with us. We managed to get everything packed in the car without incident. We decided that ACO hardware would be the next best stop. On the way we almost hit someone who ran into the road, it turned out to be Kyle Williams, he was clean.

I was driving down the road on our way to ACO hardware when all of a sudden Kyle came running out of nowhere.

“Wyatt! Don’t hit him!” Olivia yelled.

“Pull over, he doesn’t look infected?” Leo intervened.

“The infected look like us” I yell back, “how can you tell?!”

“Their eyes!” Emma pleaded, “Their eyes are bright blue!”

I pull over but keep the doors locked and I stay very still, I just stare at him and he stares back.

Logan groans, “If we are just going to stare we shouldn’t of stopped. Let him in and let’s keep going.”

Leo unlocks his door and jumps out.

“Kyle!” He yells, “Is that you? Are you in there?”

“Yeah!” Kyle yells back. He starts walking towards Leo, “How did you guys keep from going under?”

“We were in Wyatt’s basement. We are going around getting supplies. You are welcome to join our group if you want. We are in need of a new shelter though.”

“I can help with shelter, I was picked up yesterday after the sand.” Kyle announced.


“Let’s talk somewhere safe. Get in the car and I’ll show you.”

Kyle told us about a temporary safe house he was staying at with some other people. He took us there for the time being.

I stop the car when we reach the destination.

“Ok Kyle, start explaining.” Emma says matter of factly.

“Why are we here?” Logan asked.

“Ok look,” Kyle took a deep breath, “The government, I guess, thought that maybe one day this would happen.”

“They figured that aliens would come to take over and didn’t prepare anyone for it?” Lily yelled.

“No, well yes but, no they prepared. They have all these underground safe places. They are underneath all the popular areas. The one I was taken to yesterday was the one under Detroit.”

“Why are you back here then?” Jackson asks.

“I know the area and they needed people to come back and search to see if there are any survivors.”

“So they sent you hear to look for people, alone?” Olivia asks worryingly.

“No, they sent me with soldiers and other people who knew the area. The temporary housing is just a few blocks up, come on, I’ll show you.”

We all get out of the car, I reach for Emma’s hand and she takes it then we all start down the street behind Kyle to the temporary house.

“So, have you… did you find… is your family…” Olivia stuttered out.

“Yeah, my dad… he’s at the Detroit colony now. He uhhh enjoys giving the soldiers a hard time and trying to order them around.” Kyle says quietly, and then the sides of his mouth curl up as he thinks of his dad bossing the government around.

“So, is it just him?” Logan asks.

Kyle’s mouth goes to a straight hard line.


“I’m sorry.” Lily says reaching her arms out for a hug.

He hugs her back, probably to appease her because it doesn’t look like it helped him at all.

“Here it is.” Kyle announces as we step in front of a ratty, old, ready-to-fall-apart house.

“This?” Jackson asks, “It doesn’t look… safe.”

“It’s the most... discreet house we could find.” Kyle laughs out.

I notice, for the first time that Noah, Emma and I haven’t said a word since we got out of the car. I’ve just been listening, taking in our situation, but Noah looks angry and Emma, she looks, well she looks like herself.

“You okay?” I ask her in a quiet tone so only she can hear. I squeeze her hand for reassurance.

“Yeah, I’m fine.” Emma whispered back.
We walked into the house. The inside looked just as bad as the outside. There were four other people inside, three of them looked clean and well rested while the other looked just as dirty and unsettled as we were.
“Guys this is Ben, Lucas, and Ethan.” Kyle introduces us, “They found Sam this morning.”
Sam looks up and gives us a weak smile. The others say hello and get us some blankets and water.
“Hi, I’m Wyatt,” I say, “And this is Emma, Olivia, Noah, Logan, Jackson, Lily, and Leo.”
“We have supplies in the car” Leo tells them, “enough for a while.”
We share our supplies with them and spend the rest of the morning sleeping. When we wake its early afternoon and Kyle plus a few of his team are gone.
When we wake, we are all well rested but hungry.
“It doesn’t look like they have much here. I can run to the car and grab some of our stuff.” Logan says.
“Sure, I’ll come with you and help.” Noah jumps up and heads for the door.
“Wait,” Lily stops them, “It looks like Kyle left us a gun for protection. Take it when you go.”
Noah grabs the gun and heads to the car with Logan.
“You know what really sucks?” Jackson asks.
“What?” Leo answers.
“In every end of the world story, there are Twinkies. Where are our Twinkies?”
“Well, maybe we aren’t the main characters in this end of the world story. Maybe the main characters are off somewhere else eating their Twinkies.”

“That’s not fair,” Jackson pouts, “I want a Twinkie too.”

“Well, Twinkies went out of business Jackson, so I don’t think even the main characters would have them.” Emma announces.

We get some of the food from the car and begin to make a very late breakfast for ourselves.

“Ok all done, breakfast is served.” Logan smiles placing the food in front of us all.

“Cereal, beef jerky, toast, beans” Olivia laughs.

“Yep, it’s what all the cool survivor kids eat.” Lily giggles back.

Kyle and the others return with no new people.

“Couldn’t find anyone else, I’m calling it quits. We have combed this place front to back and we can’t find anyone else. We will had back to the colony tomorrow morning before sunrise.” Kyle tells us when he returns, his face hard with anger.

So many people were taken. His mom, Mia, Elliott, and even Milo.

“Here Kyle,” Olivia says gently, “Eat something.”

She begins to hand him her plate.

“No, Olivia you eat. You guys haven’t eaten yet.” Kyle says, his face begins to soften and his tone is calmer, “Tomorrow we will leave for the colony, everyone needs to be ready. I’m going to start to pack.”

He smiles then leaves. Olivia sits back down and we all stare at her with a smile.


“Told you, you were going to marry him.” Emma laughs out.

“Shut up” Olivia lightly replied, “You know I have a boyfriend.”

“We know,” Lily giggled, “Just, you know, old habits are hard to break.”

“Whatever.” Olivia grinned but you could tell she was annoyed.

 For the time being some of us would explore the house until it was night.
We look around the house for things to do, we find a deck of cards and begin to play. After a few games the girls drop out to go talk and a few of the guys leave to see if there is anything else to do. It is just Noah, Leo, Kyle and I left playing.
“Got any threes?” Kyle asks.
“Nope go fish.” Noah smiles, “Leo got any fours?”
Leo let out a sigh, “Here”.
The girls came walking back in the room.
“Hey guys it’s getting late and we have to leave before the sunrises. We should go to bed now.” Emma urges us.
“Yeah I’m kind of sleepy.” Lily yawns.
“Yeah they are right, I can kick your butts in go-fish back at the colony. Let’s get some rest.” Kyle agrees.
We all went to sleep, girls in one room guys in another.

Day Three:

We woke bright and early just before the sky got light.
Kyle woke us up and ran into the girls’ room before I could fully grasp what was going on. We slept in and the sun was about to rise. We all grab our things and rush out.

I figured we were in Royal Oak or Warren because it only took about 30 minutes before Kyle stopped the car. He said we would walk the rest of the way so they couldn’t track us.

“Okay guys, this is where we start walking.” Kyle announced.

“Walk?!” Jackson complained, “I hate walking!”

“Well if we drive they may fallow the car and track us down. So we are walking.” Kyle argued.

Jackson started to open his mouth, but Olivia glared at him and he shut it and we were on our way.

We had been walking for a while when suddenly the aliens came out of nowhere.

We start off slowly peeking around corners and cautiously going around them, but after a while we start turning and going, still ready to run or fight if needed just a little less carful. We turn one particular corner and there is a small horde patrolling the area. I recognize three people in the horde; Oliver, Harry, and James.

“Damit Oliver!” Logan whispers.

The horde turns and sees us.

“This way!” Kyle yells as he starts off towards a well wooded area a few miles up.

“It’s just beyond the trees!” Ben starts after him.

I turn around and Noah pulls out the gun Kyle left for us back at the house. He aims the gun for the horde and pulls the trigger; blowing Harry’s head clear off. The body falls to the ground with a thud.

“You have no idea how many times I imagined doing that!” Noah laughs.

He aims again to shoot but it clicks; no more bullets. Kyle and Ethan turn around, they are at the edge of the woods now and shooting. We rush past them and Ethan gets up to run too but Kyle isn’t moving.

We took some of them out, but I think what happened was one of them got Kyle.

I remember turning around, I see Kyle at the edge of the woods still shooting. Olivia, Logan and I rush to get him but the horde gets there first.

“KYLE!” Olivia screams.

Logan grabs her to pull her back and we all rush after the group. Ethan and Lucas lead us to the camp in a hurry.

We make it to the colony safely and we see Mr. Williams with what appeared to be the people in charge.

We run to the people in charge and stop short at Mr. Williams.

“We… we were just attacked!” Jackson yells out, “Just outside the woods.”

“Is everyone okay?” One of the head people asks.

“Everyone, everyone except Jacob.” Logan stutters out.

“What!” Mr. Williams yells as he drops everything in his hands and begins to run back to the woods.

“Williams!” one of the other authorities yell, “Stop him!”

We told Williams the news and shortly after he runs in Kyle’s direction, we hear a gun shot.

We were being rushed inside when we hear a shot ring out across the colony. We all suck in a breath and the people in charge start pushing us inside the building. I turn around just before entering to see Kyle being directed to what I believe is the doctor’s corridor and the people that went running after Mr. Williams are carrying his body back. I close my eyes and drop my head as I enter the building.

We enter the building and begin finding various family members.

“COLE!” Lily screams running into a group of people.

Cole grabs her and hugs her close. I look around for anyone I might know and the others have disappeared finding people. I don’t see anyone; I run to Cole and give him a hug.

“When did you get here?” I ask him.

“Yesterday, I was on my way to you guys when they came and got me,” Cole told us.

“What about Evan?” I asked, “And Ava?”

“Ava was… taken, and Evan, he… couldn’t handle the loss,” Cole’s face filled with sadness.

They hugged and stayed in each other’s arms, not planning on moving anytime soon. I look around for Emma, she had let go of my hand when we entered the building. I see her standing with her mother, father, and sister. I go over to her and they all greet me with smiles.

“Glad you guys all made it,” her mother tells me.

“Same to you, are you guys alright?” I ask.

“Just a little shook up, but we’ll be fine,” her father assures us.

I look out to a crowd of people and see some familiar faces, some kids from school here and there. I see the head guy that ordered them to stop Mr. Williams.

“Hey, I’ll be right back.” I tell Emma.

I walk over to him.

“What happened?” I order him to tell me.

“Don’t be alarmed the horde was… oh you came in with the horde.” He stares at me blankly.

“You killed my theater director. Why?” I have a stale blank tone.

“He was...infected. Look if you just…”

“No, he wasn’t infected! Kyle was! What happened out there?”

Emma comes up to me and grabs my hand to calm me down, unfortunately it doesn’t work.

“Keep your voice down!” He orders, “Look, go to the doctor’s room in five minutes, they are doing an analysis on Kyle. They seem to think that whatever was inside of him, got out. When we got there it was in your teacher, I’m sorry we had no choice.”

Then head guy directed us to the room where Kyle was being analyzed. When we got there Olivia was already standing outside the door.

 “They… they brought in Kyle.” Olivia whispers, “But… Mr. Williams… he… they shot him. He’s… he’s gone!”

“They are doing an analysis on Kyle in five minutes; we have been welcomed to join.” I tell her.

“If you think you can handle it.” Emma adds.

After a while someone in a lab coat walked in the room and we followed. Inside was Kyle sitting on a metal bed like the ones in vet offices.

“Why can’t you just tell me where I am?” Kyle yelled, “Olivia, Wyatt, Emma! Thank god, where are we, what is going on?”

Kyle had apparently lost all memory of anything to do with the aliens.

“Patent seems to have a large loss of memory.” The man in a lab coat says.

“Stop taking notes! What the hell is going on?!” Kyle screams out.

“Kyle calm down.” Olivia steps forward.

Kyle breaths out a big breath but is still on edge.

“Kyle, what is the last thing you remember?” Olivia asks him.

“I… I remember the ground shaking. Then I woke up. I woke up to them shooting my father!”  He starts at one of the men who brought in Mr. Williams.

Olivia is first to grab him and some other stronger people take him back to the table and strap him down.

“They killed him!” Kyle screams.

I walk up and stare down at him on the table.

“Kyle. Stop. This isn’t helping anything. Just tell these people what they want to know.” I tell him calmly.

Olivia and Emma come up next to me.

“Kyle, if you calm down and stop trying to kill them… maybe they will let you out. You just have to cooperate.” Emma tells him.

“So, you don’t remember anything from these last few days?” Olivia asks, “Nothing?”

Kyle takes a breath and lets his body relax.

“I don’t remember anything.”

 “You don’t remember us almost hitting you with the car, taking us to the safe house?”

She starts rattling things off. Kyle’s eyes grow large.

Olivia somehow got him to remember.

“I remember.” he whispers under his breath.

The doctor, who until now has been silently standing in the corner, walks up to Olivia, Emma, and I.

“I thank you for your help,” he whispers, “But what I think he needs now is some rest.”

I nod and we all walk out. Everyone was standing outside waiting for us.

“We heard Kyle screaming.” Leo says anxiously.

“Is everything okay?” Cole asks.

“Yeah, he didn’t remember anything.” Olivia informs them.

“But Olivia reminded him and now he does.” I tell them.

“Well… that’s good,” Lily says awkwardly.

“Hey! So, they told us that we have pods to transport us to Area 51 and they are blasting kids 18 and younger into space.” Jackson tells us.

We all stare at him oddly.

“I guess there is some planet a year or two away and it’s just like earth. They are sending us there.” Logan jumps in.

“Sweet!” Olivia yells, “I never liked this planet much. Give us a chance to start all over.”

“When is the pod coming?” Emma asks.

“The morning of January 1st.” Noah announces.

We spent the rest of the day with our families. We were to wait about a week before being transported to Area 51 for takeoff.

“Go be with your families now; I’m sure they missed you.” Lucas says walking up.

Noah, Logan, and Leo all walked away to the men’s bedroom while Lily and Cole walked around the new underground colony. Olivia has disappeared somewhere and Emma and I went to go be with her family. We spent the rest of the day telling the stories of how we had all been picked up or found and anything else we had asked or they had questions about.

Day Five:

It was Christmas morning but nobody really felt any Christmas spirit. The whole day we sort of just sat there, some people started singing Christmas carols and some told stories but most of us were thinking about the family members we had lost.

Leo, Emma, Jackson, Noah, and I sit around in a semicircle while Olivia joins the chorus to sing. Logan finds himself surrounded by little kids and he is telling stories. Not a normal Christmas; no lights, no tree, no presents, and no snow. Some of the kids start asking if Santa will still find us underground and others ask if we think the aliens will get him.

“Of course the aliens will get Santa!” Noah exclaims.

“Noah!” Logan scolds.

“Really?” one of the children asks, “Do you really think so?”

“Can I tell him there is no Santa?” Noah whispers.

“No.” Logan tells him.

“There is no worry,” Noah tells the kid.

Logan watches him with a steady eye.

“The aliens won’t get Santa, because…” Noah pauses thinking his reasons through, “It’s too cold in the North Pole.”

Logan nods approvingly and the children seem content with the answer.

Lily and Cole walk up hand in hand and join us in our semicircle.

Olivia comes back from the carolers.

“They are so annoying. None of them sing correctly.” Olivia complains.

Noah chuckles. “I was wondering why you went over there, they all sing off pitch.”

“Really?” Emma asks.

“We are in the middle of an apocalypse and you guys are complaining about off pitch singers?” Lily adds.

“It’s just something that bothers me. Even if the world is ending, it’s still a pet peeve!” Olivia yells back.

If the world is ending?” Lily argues, “The world is ending and you’re complaining about how people sing! If they want to sing and it brings them joy, let them sing”

“If they suck at it they should just sit their bad singin’ asses down!”

Olivia gets up and walks away. Lily huffs out a breath and sits in silence the rest of the time.

Day Six through Eleven:

We spent the rest of the week we had with our loved ones. On the morning of the eleventh day we said goodbye to those we were leaving behind and prepared to depart. Then officials came and told us that ‘if we were sixteen and younger we had the choice to stay with our families or loved ones’. Since only kids 18 and younger were allowed to go, Cole wasn’t able to. Lily had to make a choice. She had the whole day to consider it.

“Young lady?” an official asked Lily, “Stay? Or go?”

Lily tucked into to Cole’s arms and he held her, a tear fell down her face. Cole nodded and began to hold back the tears; Olivia was holding Lily’s hand and started to tear up as well.

“Young lady?”

Day Twelve:

In the morning we were woken up early by the officials and prepared for departure to Area 51.

Emma, Noah, Leo, Logan, Jackson, Olivia, Lily, and I all load our things into the air craft. Emma says goodbye to her family and Lily is almost unable to let go of Cole. She was crying and saying she was sorry and he was shushing her telling her they’d meet again, although we all knew it was a lie, they would never see each other again.

We took off in the early morning and flew most of the day and into the evening. We slept a lot, it was boring mostly. About three in the afternoon we hit turbulence.

All of a sudden sand started up.

“AGAIN?!” one of the guards yells.

“Careful through this captain, should we keep going?” another yells.

“If we land now, they will catch us for sure. I’m sure this is all for us, I’m sure they are on to us now.” The captain tells them.

We are told to buckle up and remain seated. The sand started to seep through the hull into the aircraft and we began to cough. We started spinning out of control, heading straight for the ground.

The sand in the wind that was causing turbulence made it hard to see and the pilot lost control. We crashed into the ground. Miraculously we all survived but we were scattered apart from each other. The sand had put us to sleep but we awoke soon.

I wake up and I can no longer move my body, at first I believe I’m paralyzed from the crash but I feel something inside of me. No, I feel someone inside of me. I can see and hear but my body is moving without my will to do so. My lips are moving without my mind thinking the words being spoken.

“Hello everyone,” my voice spoke, “Is everyone okay?”

Shut up! I yelled but it didn’t come out it only bounced off the walls in my head.

The thing inside me slammed me into a wall, it hurt.

Get out of my head! I yelled again.

NO! I sounded back.

Emma came up to us as I was fighting, I wouldn’t let it hurt her. I could feel it wants to take the humans. To take my friends, my family. I tried to take myself back I search for an opening but I couldn’t find one. I push to get out to push this thing out.

When I found you, you seemed okay, mostly…there was just something off about the way you moved and talked.

“Hey Wyatt,” Emma smiles, “you okay?”

“Yeah, that was… wild huh?” my voice sounded, but this is not how I talk and Emma looked at me strange now, searching my face for a hint of anything.

Don’t touch her! I demand.

I could feel the thing inside me; it had a testy feel to it.

And if I do? I answer back in my head.

We both knew I couldn’t do anything but if he hurt her, touched her even, I would find the strength to take over and I would make sure this thing was dead. It searches my memory I can feel it looking around for names and faces and locations. I stop it just before it gets to the Detroit area and Area 51.

“Emma,” the voice smiles, “Why are you looking at me like that?”

She was still looking at him oddly.

“I’m just… did you hit your head?” She asks.

“Probably” it tells her.

She will find out and she will destroy you. I tell it.

And risk killing you in the process? It asks back.

She will do what she believes is right.


Dear Wyatt,


If you’re reading this it probably means that you’ve read the journal and Olivia did what I asked. It also probably means that I’ve succeeded...and I’m sorry…because I’ll never see you on earth again…but I couldn’t let it have you. I know it’s not much consolation…you being alive and free, but knowing that it’s at the cost of losing me…but I couldn’t bear the thought of losing you to that thing. That was probably selfish of me…leaving you to carry the losses by yourself…and I’m sorry…but, now you have time to change and grow into someone you want to be…I don’t want to say I was ready to go, but in a way I was. I know where I’m going…and I hope to see you when your time comes, but don’t rush, please?…I’m sorry I have to leave you this way…but just know, I did this for you…so you can continue your life to the fullest and I hope my absence doesn’t take away from that. Your life is important, even if you don’t think much of it. Maybe it will mean more now…now that it’s cost you something precious to have it? I don’t want this to be something that weighs you down for the rest of your life…I know it will make you sad…but just remember all the good things we had, you have so much more of that ahead of you. You’ll have a good life, even without me. Just remember I will always be with you, in your memories and in your heart.


I love you, my Thief,



I close the journal. This is a joke, surly. Emma wouldn’t do this to me. She couldn’t. I remember saying she would do what was right but doesn’t she know that my life without her isn’t right. I walk out of the tent and Lily and Logan are waiting for me, I assume. I rush to them.

“Where is Olivia?” I ask but more half yell at them. Olivia is the only one who knows the whole story, that’s why she waited until everyone left the room to even mention the journal. Both Lily and Logan just look at me.

“Where is she?” I try to calm my voice a bit but I’m not sure if it’s working, “I need to talk to her now!”

“She’s… she’s with John, she found him when we got here.” Lily quietly answers.

“They should be in the kitchen, I’ll take you.” Logan waves me in a direction and we walk. He can tell I’m in a rush so we sprint there. Walking in, it looks like a cafeteria, lots of tables and kids sitting everywhere. I scan the room for Olivia and find her sitting with John and some other kids. I take off to her.

“You think this is a joke!” I scream.

“Wyatt!” she yells, almost surprised as she stands from her place.

“This is a sick joke Olivia!” I yell, “Where is she!”

She takes my arm and leads me to a corner.

“Wyatt… did you, read it” she asks.

“Of course I read it. Now where is my girlfriend?!”

“She… Wyatt,” she took a deep breath.

Olivia can’t cry in front of me, I know this but she is holding something back.

“Wyatt, the letter. She wrote the letter hoping… hoping you would…” She couldn’t get it out.

“She’s really…?”

Olivia nodded. I collapsed on the floor and threw my head in my hands. I couldn’t keep the tears from my eyes, each tear burned like a flame dripping down my face. No, she couldn’t be. But then it hit me. The memory that had been suppressed in my head now comes to life as if a volcano exploding through clouded skies.

I am now standing in front of Emma, she’s begging for my life.

“Take me instead!” she yelled at it.

We weren’t near the crash site; we were somewhere away, in a desert.

“Whatever do you mean?” It asked her.

“I know you can leave him and take me. I’ve heard of it, seen it partly. I know he won’t remember anything but I know that he will be safe.”

“Darling. Why would you sacrifice yourself for this boy?”

Don’t call her darling. She is not yours, she never will be yours. She’s mine, my…

“Thief.” It stated.

Emma flinched back as if the word had smacked her in the face.

“Wha… what?”

“That’s his pet name for you. You’re his thief and he is yours. It’s from...”

It started to search for where it was.
Doctor Who, one of our favorite shows. I saved it time from searching.

“Doctor Who.” It told her.

I’m so sorry Emma. I love you. I’m so sorry.  I said but I knew it wasn’t going to get to her.

Save your energy.

You’re not going to take her.

Oh I’m not am I?  It was testing me. Playing with me.

If you do, I will hunt you down and kill you myself.

I see how much you care for this girl. You could never kill her, knowing that there is another way, transferring me into someone.

It searched my mind again, for far away memories.

What about your ex, Olivia, I could take her instead. You and your girlfriend could go live happily.

No, leave them alone. Stay in me and leave them alone!

“You never answered my question. Why would you give yourself for this boy?” It ignored me and started talking to Emma again.

She looked at him with such intensity.

“I don’t know where you come from but her here have things called compassion, caring, love”

Love. I snapped and took over.

“RUN!” I yelled, “Get out Emma! If you love me, please!”

It took over quickly. But Emma knew it was me speaking. My body cleared its throat.

“I do love you Wyatt,” She whispered, “That’s why I have to do this.”

I felt as the thing left me in that moment, I fell to the ground in an unconscious state but the last thing I saw was Emma’s eyes turning the deathly blue.



A few weeks later


We walked to the ship that had just landed, the invisible coat had fallen and we could see all its glory. This was the ship that was taking us away from the dangers of Earth and hopefully taking me away from the pain that hasn’t left my chest. Olivia, Lily, John, Logan and I all enter the ship and prepare for launch. Jackson had taken the first ship out. I haven’t heard or seen Leo since we came to Area 51; I assume he left the planet shortly after Jackson. Noah found Rose, his girlfriend and they were leaving in a week or two. We enter the ship and take our seats, there are plenty of seats and plenty of kids to fill them. I sit next to Logan; Olivia, John and Lily all sit in the seat ahead of us. I see Olivia and John cuddle up and I turn to the empty seat beside me. This seat was reserved for Emma before we even entered Area 51, it’d be empty the entire way to the new planet. My thoughts become me, I promise you Emma, I will live for you because you died for me. I love you, forever; my Thief.

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