The Most Powerful Banshee

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic
Rockel Sanders goes to live in a town called Durensville with her dad. She is trying to have a better relationship with him by finishing senior year in Durensville. A crazy dream. That's all it took for her entire life to change. Becoming a Banshee means lots of death. That is not true. This is the story of the most powerful Bandshee. Not to mention, when she gets help, she falls in love with Elijah. Her life went from crazy to unbelievable.

Submitted: October 05, 2016

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Submitted: October 05, 2016



The Most Powerful Banshee


I can’t believe i'm doing this! Why did I agree? No I’m doing this because it's the right thing to do. I miss him and he misses me. He’s lonely and I need to spend time with him before I graduate.

I love James. He’s my Dad, and I haven't seen him in like two years. Living with my Mom does have its pros though. Rachel gives me much more than I deserve. She loved James but it didn’t work out quite so well. Rachel fell in love five years ago.

His name is William and he has been like a Dad to me, when I wasn't with James. He took me out, and gave me some really good advice. Guys have toyed with my emotions but I never even loved or liked any of them. The only reason I went out with them was because I didn't want to be obnoxious and picky. I did go on a couple of dates. Some were fun and others the guy was just trying to hard and I didn't enjoy myself. I haven't even kissed anyone before.

Mom met William at the grocery store. He just went for it. He asked her out and they actually went to Disneyland for their first date. They’ve been talking and every time Mom tells me that she is gonna hang out with William at the house, I would go for a drive to my favourite spot at the park,go to the movies, or I would go to my Mom’s work place and design some new releases.

My Mom works at Fashion Nova. She’s the founder and I’m pretty much her assistant. I design and she would approve or tweak it if it needed to. We are known everywhere in America, London, and Canada. We have models for Summer, Spring, and Winter clothing.  I’m one of those models (Yes! I’m seventeen and I am a model get over it). I have been on the cover of fifteen catalogues and all over Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. The major catalogues I've been on are Rolling Stones, People and Women’s Health. Social Media is a great way to promote business these days.

I’m leaving it all behind. Well not all of it because I will still work on my designs and send them back home. Anytime I have a long break then I will go home and help with the company, I will even do some more photo shoots while I’m down there.  

Going to a small town  means not a lot of people will notice me. I would be new, again. The famous town that I’m going to is Durensville. Dad loves it there. He’s the chief of police.You can see one more reason I want to go and stay with him.

I’m on my flight which is two hours and forty minutes from Los Angeles to Seattle,. I’m on the first hour and these thoughts have been corrupting my mind. Sitting in first class doesn’t cause any trouble. I’m not constantly getting touched or squeezed if I was in coach. I just listened to my music.  Single Ladies, Ju Ju on dat beat, lean on dat Dab, I am your leader, The Boys,  and so on. I love dancing to songs like these.  

I’m also leaving my dance crew back home. I love being  a hip hop dancer. I started to dance when I was fifteen. The adrenalin that you get before going on stage is so powerful. I love that feeling. I have performed at four schools (plus mine twice), and also the theatre. Brittney (the leader of the crew) understands my decision and let me go without any argument. Of course my friends couldn’t let me leave in peace so they throwed a “Going Away Party’’. I have got to admit that it was a lot of fun and there was also some drinking involved. Nothing strong like Vodka and Bourbon. There were games, laughing, a little bit of dancing, and so much pizza. I think Gary ate two boxes by himself. Gary is the youngest in the crew and he can dance. The way he flips of the wa-...

The announcement broke my thought,  “Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to Seattle. The local time is one thirty pm. The temperature is eighteen degrees celsius. . .On behalf of American Airlines and the entire crew, I’d like to thank you for joining us on this trip and we are looking forward to seeing you on board again in the near future. Have a nice day.”I would miss L.A. but I know that leaving is for the best.

I collected my three suitcases and headed to security. I got in the line and waited almost ten minutes for my turn to get checked. It was my turn and I went up. When I got there the lady took one look at me and gasped. She stammers “ Sanders?”

I chuckled and answered “Yep, thats me. Why?”

“Well I just came from my lunch break and was catching up on my daily Hollywood drama” she continues “and saw that you were on it. Are you really giving up fashion? I mean you and your mom are geniuses.” she exclaims the last part.

“Well, I’m not giving up fashion, I’m just coming here to finish High School. I wanted to spend some time with my dad before I graduate and go home and help with the company.” I continue “ If I was gonna give up fashion then a gun would have to be pointed to my head” I laugh.

She laughs with me and then got me to put my suitcase on the table so she could do her job. We talked a little bit more and she would gasp if I had something that she liked. It turns out her sister has a fan page on Instagram on Fashion Nova. She gave me the name and I promised that I would follow her when I got the chance. That seemed to make her happy. She gave me a hug and wished my luck for tomorrow.

I got my stuff and headed outside. I turned on my phone and when I did I saw that I have twelve texts from my mom, fifty two text from my dance crew’s group chat, and a couple notifications on my social media accounts. I got two million likes on instagram from the picture that I posted this morning when I was waiting to board the plane. I love my fans and they love me. So I do this thing were once a month, I would pick a random person that follows me and I would follow them back. It would drive them nuts because a nobody has ever done that and it makes them feel special.

I searched for my car keys and went outside. The thing is I bought a brand new Audi R8. The money that I got from modeling for Rolling Stones I used to pay for it and my my Iphone7. I’ve had this car for six months now and I got it shipped here so I could still use it.

If I left it I would have to sell it and I was not planning on buying another car till I am in my late twenties. I got it shipped to Seattle two weeks ago so I would I have it here. It actually came two days ago. So lucky thing I didn’t wait till the last minute to prepare the paperwork.

I already spoke to James yesterday so he didn’t have to stop work and cone for me. I packed the car with my stuff. Just as I was about to leave the parking lot I got a text from my dad. It said “Come by my workplace to get the key for the house. I’m sorry”. He shouldn’t feel bad

I texted him back “Okay, don’t feel bad I don’t mind. I’m at the pizza place, do you want anything?” I made sure I told him that I’m already there so it gives him less of a chance to say no.

My phone went off “Sure, you already know what I want so you don’t have to ask” of course I know what he would like.

I replied “Pepperoni cheese pizza, with extra bacon”

“Of course Rocks” He replies.

I drove down to the pizza place and picked up my and his pizza. He always takes root beer with his and I take Pepsi with mine. I’m trying not to eat too much of this stuff because I really love modeling and it would be sad if I can’t fit in the clothes anymore. I do know this gym in Durensville that is really good. Anytime it’s sunny outside I would go for a run and try to beat my time.

I drive down to his workplace and brought his pizza with me. When I got in, I went to the desk and ask for Mr. Sanders.  The woman directed me to his desk and I went and saw him laughing at the screen. I got behind him without him noticing me and saw what he was laughing at. He was laughing at the video of me arguing with the paparazzi about my privacy.

I was doing my workout with my mom in the living room when I saw a shadow at the window. When I turned around he pretty much bolted to his truck. I ran outside and and confronted him. The man in truck was videoing me and he thought I didn’t notice. I told the guy if this happens again I will get a restraining order in him and the rest of his crew if he ever came that close without my permission again. He pretty much looked like he was peeing himself when I was finish with my rant. The guy that was videoing put what happened on Youtube and it got forty-million views. That happened ten days ago and I’m guessing that he just saw it.

I tapped him on the shoulder and he pretty much jumped out of his chair. Everyone in the office was looking at me and I thought I saw one of the female officers reach for her gun. I turned my attention back to my dad and he was he looked like he was going to cry. I hugged him and started crying myself. Lucky thing I didn’t wear mascara. Just went with the simple blue eyeshadow to match my blouse and my favourite cherry lipstick.

“Hey Rocks...missed you so...much you...have no...idea” he said between sobs.

“I think...I do” I reply sounding so much like him without even noticing.

We continue to rock back and forth saying how much we missed each other and how happy we are to live together. He pulls back and got him a tissue for his tears. He accepted. We sat down and dug into our food.

“How was your flight?” he asked between bites. He really does love his pizza.

“It was good. I thought it would be short because it’s just two hours but it felt like a day” I replied. It was true with all the things on my mind about the company, and starting school tomorrow it was just so overwhelming.

“Let me guess. You're worrying about school tomorrow and how Rachel is gonna handle the company without you.” he said with a proud smile on his face. You would swear this guy could read minds. One time when I came for my summer break I went out late to a party and told him I was at the gym. He pretty much got it out of me. In the end he wasn’t even mad at me. I guess just a little disappointed that I didn't tell the truth.

“Yeah. I just want to make sure mom will be okay. It’s been both of us with the company for so long and now it's just her.” I muttered loud enough for the conversation.

“Well let me reassure you that your mom will be fine. She is the founder. I don’t think that she will have a lot of problems.”  He said with a smile.

“Are you worried about school much?” he asked.

“Actually I’m not too worried about that. My grades are really good. I haven’t failed any of my classes at my old school. If anything, I’m actually farther than everyone else because I have three extra credits. My old school made sure sent my report to my new school. They pretty much already know how smart I am.” I said the last part with so much confidence. No wonder why he’s proud to be my dad.

He laughs “Well, I already know about your grades. I’m just talking about how you feel about meeting new people.” he said with concern.

“Well I can’t disagree with that statement. Yes, I have to admit that I am a little scared about being with a new class. We both know that I’m not a shy person, It’s just that these kids have known each other for so long and I don’t want to feel like the outsider.” I said looking down at my half finished pizza.

He motioned me to get up and sit on his lap. Unlike other police stations this chair looks strong enough for him and I both. I got up and sat on his lap. I then placed my head on his right shoulder while he started to rub my back. He always knew how to comfort me and make forget about what's making me so worried.

He spoke “You are correct there, but trust me…” He lifted me chin with his index finger so i was looking straight into his green eyes. At least I know where I got my eyes from. “You’re going to be fine okay. Yes they have known each other longer but you they will accept you because you’re beautiful, smart, kind, and loving. It’s not hard to like you Rocks. I didn’t have any difficulty with you, so I don’t think that they will with you.” his words made me cry and I just hid my face in his shoulder. I don’t like crying infront of people. When I do I describe myself as looking like a walrus having constipation. All my friends and my parents said that I have never looked more beautiful expressing my feelings like that. I would have to disagree.

I made sure not to cry more because I didn’t want to ruin his uniform and my mascara. He gave me a napkin so I could clean of my face. “You always know what to say, don’t you?” he laughed and kept rubbing my back to sooth me. We stayed there for another five minutes before I pulled away and sat back down in my chair.

We sat there and spoke for another hour about different things. How was the flight, how is Rachel, how are things going at home? We laughed and enjoyed each other's company. We spoke now because by the time dad goes home we won’t have much time. I have a morning ritual and I have to be up at five am..

I glanced over and checked the clock. It was still in the same spot after two years. It was only after three and I told him that I needed to get home and started unpacking my stuff. I didn’t bring much for it to take me more that forty five minutes.  He gave me a key and I was on my ways home.

When I was outside I saw a girl with blonde hair sitting on front strep. It was like deja vu because when I spent my summers here I would have a girls with me all the time. We would call each other pretty much everyday. We became really good friends. Her name was Felicia. She was also very beautiful and she constantly had guys behind her.

I got outside and sat down beside her. She was crying. I was just about to ask her whats wrong when I saw the braclet I sent her. I got the bracelet at a boutique that she saw in the magazine I was in. So for her birthday I sent her the necklace for her birthday.

“Felicia, is that you.” I said a little too loudly. She turned with a smile on her face and tears in her eyes. She started laughing and I couldn't help but laugh with her.  She pretty much jumped me on the steps and we were hugging. Felicia was the first one I told when I was coming to stay with my dad.

We pulled away to look at each other. She was still crying but managed to get a few words out “” she said with new tears in her eyes. I reached in my purse and got our a Kleenex for her to use. She took it and cleaned her face.

“Well as for the questions. I came two hours ago and I came on a plane” we both chuckled at the last answer.

“The reason why you saw me crying was because I saw Ryan in the parking lot with Brittany,” she continued “let's just say that they weren’t talking very much.”. I always hate to see how guys toy with her and then when they're finished leave her without even an explanation. Something just crossed my mind…

“Did you say he was in the parking lot?” I said. She nodded and turned toward a blue compact minivan in the corner of the parking lot. Without even getting her permission I started to walk toward the minivan. She quickly caught up with me and grabbed me by the wrist.

“Please don’t say anything. He might come after me later and I don’t want that.” she said with a little tears still in her eyes.

“Well I think I know what to do” I said. She let my hand go and I headed toward the minivan. When I got there I saw a guy and a girl definitely not talking.

“HEY!” I shouted. They both turned around and looked at me. The girl that I assumed was Brittany looked embarrassed and Ryan looked more than embarrassed. I swear that he was going to pee his pants.

“I think that you have to be respectful to some people here.” I said. They both smirked .

“And….who might you be? Brittany asked while tilting her head to rest on Ryan's shoulder

“I’m Roxy” just as I said that understanding, and quilt showed on their faces.

“You mean you're the girl that Felicia won’t stop talking about?” Ryan said.

“Well you don’t have to worry about me telling Felicia anything if that's what you’re worried about” I said placing my hand on my hip. Just as I said that Felicia comes out from behind the minivan with tears still in her eyes. Ryan started to walk to her with his arms open when she refused.

“Don't ever touch me again. After everything that we've been through, you saying that you love me I guess that was all a lie then” she started to cry and looked like her knees were about to give out. I quickly grabbed her in my arms and walked away from the minivan towards my car. I placed her in the front seat and ran around towards my side of the car. After so many times being around her house I know where she lives so I don't have to ask her.

“Thanks for what you did back there. It was really helpful, no wonder why I missed you so much.” She said with a smile on her lips.

I asked “Do you want me to drop you off at your house or do you want to come to mine and help me with my stuff?”

“Yeah, I'll come and help you with your things. I really need a friend right now and I don't want to go home and deal with the “I told you so’s” from my parents. Let me just text them and reassure them that you'll drop me of when we're finished.” She said with a little more enthusiasm.

“Do you want me to stop at the store to get you something to eat or did you already eat?”

“No I'm good. I already ate before I came to meet Ryan.”

“One question, why were you meeting him at the police station?” I asked

“Well he told me that he wanted to tell me something but he had to do it in the parking lot because he had to meet his mom. Meeting there was the only time they will get to talk before school.” She said.

“Well I guess he didn't get a chance to tell you what he wanted to ask you. I'm really sorry that you had to come and see that I don't think it's fair for you to go through all of that again and again and again. No offence”

“None taken. You are right about all of them I just still can't wrap my head around why he would do that to me . We were getting along so well. We were together pretty much every day. He would say that he loved me and I fell for it again and again and again. He is the fourth one that has played me. I'm not gonna jump from guy to guy. I want to be loved for once.” She said. She looked like she was about to cry.

“Hey you're not allowed to cry anymore. He wasn't worth it okay. He just used you and since I'm here now that can't happen anymore. I'll always be here for you no matter what happens at least you to trust me more than you trust your little friends” I said the last line with a smirk on my face.

She playfully punched me and we made our way to the house. On our way there we talked about how the school year might be, what classes we were going to take, the company and my modelling career. She wants to go into modelling with me but her parents think that she has so much potential that she can't waste it on modelling.

Since it was both of us at work and not just me we only spent half an hour to get everything done. I unpacked everything from my suitcase. I got all my new clothes up in my closet. I bought a pack of hangers and put it in my suitcase. When I got home there were only three hangers. Now I have thirty five changers and they all are occupied except for three. I organize my clothes very thoroughly I have a dresser for just my undergarments, night clothes and jeans. As you can see I am very thorough and organized when it comes to my clothes.

Felicia would sometimes pick something that she really liked. I reassured her that anytime I wear or it she could give it a try. I can wear it again but I always have new clothes sent to me. I make sure that I have more colour of one item so I don't wear the same thing over and over again. These clothes are unique in their own way and wearing them twice in a week would look weird (for me).

When we were finished I set up my Netflix and we watched The Vampire Diaries for two hours while discussing school. It turns out I won't be the only person on the dance team that I know. The dance team at Durensville High only have contemporary dancers. Felicia and I are the only hip-hop dancers. She thinks that we/ I could bring something new to the table at our pep rallies.

After finding out that Damon kissed Elena without Stefan knowing I drove Felicia home. Her parents and I talked for a little while but I made sure to tell him that I had school the next day and I can't stay long. To be honest it felt like a police interrogation. Constantly asking about my mo, and the company, and my career it was just too much. Right after I left I was hyperventilating in the car. If this was going to be how tomorrow is going to go then I don't think I will last long.

When I got home I quickly showered and picked out my clothes for tomorrow. I didn't  want anything too flashy but I don't want anything too boring. I just went with my favourite blue skirt and my favourite white, and flows blouse. I’m also wearing my special Jordan's with my name on it. They were white and blue. I do dress like a lady but I also like to add in boy type clothes. Such as instead of wearing heels with my skirt and blouse I'll just wear my favourite high tops. That's why the company is such a success because a lot of girls feel the same way. Not always proper but fancy and chill at the same time.

James still is not home from work. I know he works late. I just got in my bed and covered with my new comforter. It was a little chilly outside for me today. Tomorrow will be warmer though.

I’m cold on the floor with leaves all around me. I opened my eyes and was in a huge clearing in the woods. There were dead crows everywhere. I looked up and it was a full moon. I heard some leaves rustle in the trees because of the wind. I felt something at my feet. When I looked down my legs were gone and there were crows flying around them. I tried to kick and squirm my way out but they kept multiplying. They made their way up toward my shoulder. All I could see was black wings flopping around like crazy. I was just about to scream when everything just stopped. I looked down and saw that my feet were pitch black. The only way I could tell was because of the grass between my toes. I rose my hands so they were in front of my face. They looked like my feet black. I felt something on my back and turned. There was nothing. Only a mirror. I slowly looked up my body and finally saw what was on my back. They were black wings that were as big as half the clearing. That wasn't the worst part. The worst part was my face. It had scratches and scars everywhere. I screamed at my appearance ended up jumping out of bed.

That was the scariest thing I have ever encountered. That's saying something because I watched the The American Horror Story on Halloween. Why crows? Why black? Why the scars? Why the wings? There were so many questions.

I looked over at the alarm clock and realized it was just 4:45am. I laid back in bet and tried to shake the dream of. I checked my phone to see my mom was calling. I was about to call her back, but then I turned to see a crow in my window sill. I got up and opened the window trying to scare it. When I looked into its eyes I saw the thing go stiff and fall down to the ground. That's when I saw it. I pile of crows on the front lawn. I covered my mouth and shut the window.

When I turned around to go get my dad. I saw a man standing in my room. He was tall and lean. His hair was in a faux hawk and had a piercing in his left upper ear. He looked up at me and looked into my eyes. When he did that I felt my something in my back.

I whispered shouted “Who are you and what are you doing in my house?” He was just about to answer when my alarm clock went off. I was frustrated because I don't know what the crows mean and my dream. Also I was freaking out over the fact there is Man (not a boy but a man)in my room. I moved my hand towers the alarm clock and it smashed against the wall.

The man looked shocked. He glanced over at the clock then back at me. “You're more stronger than I thought you would be.” His voice was husky and manly. Why am I thinking like that about a stranger that just happens to find his way into my bedroom.

“What do you mean by that?” I asked feeling a little frustrated.

“I will explain later. You just have to know to control yourself next time” he said turning to walk out the door.

“Wait, I don't know what you're talking about? What do you mean control myself next time? What was that? Who are you?” All these questions came rushing out before I even had time to catch up on what I was saying.

He turned to face me and stepped closer, that our noses are almost touching. “You really have no idea what you are do you?” He asked a little shocked.

“No, I'm sorry”I answered trying to have him talk more.

“Well let's just say that you're not the most calm person in the world” he said. What is that supposed to mean.

“Wait, are you trying to say that I become that thing that was in my dream” I exclaimed.

“What dream? What did you see?” He asked.

I moved to sit on the bed and he came and sat down with me. I started to explain my dream. His face was only able to show two expressions fear and shock. I think he shivered when I told him about the dead crows in the clearing in the forest. When I finished his only response was “Wow”. Why am I telling this stranger everything. I don't even know his name.

“Do you have any idea what am I because right now I am freaking out” I asked in a whisper.

“Yes Rockel, yes I do.” He said

“Okay well spit it out will!” I said a little frustrated

He got up and started to motion yourself to the door. I ran and reach for his shoulders and made him turn to look at me. He looked like he was in pain. When I let go if his arm the pain completely left his face. “I'm sorry” I muttered placing my hands back to my sides. He smirked and placed his hands on my shoulders.

“Your a Banshee” he said.

“Wait wait wait wait wait” I continued “A Banshee” I choked out the last part.

“Well not just a banshee, you're “The Banshee””he said using air quotes. That gesture made me chuckle.

“ I really hope that you're joking and you do some crazy drunk guy in my room” I said. Another thought crossed my mind “ you still didn't answer my question before, who are you?”

“ I am Elijah, I work for queen Mona. She brought me here to see if the legends were true. Queen Mona is a banshee herself, but she cannot seem control her powers. She has she has killed fourteen of our guards in her sleep by accident. She brought me here to see if you could help her. Since you don't even know that you are “the banshee” yourself then I don't think you will be much help. You cannot stay in the human world. You will kill the innocent. You cannot go to school, someone gets you upset and you could annihilate the whole student body.” He continued “ There is evil lurking around in our world. Your forces are the only thing that can save us. We have a banshee our self that is controlled but she needs you to help queen Mona. If you come with me you will learn to control and except your powers. You'll find out who you really are. You don't get a choice about the powers they were given to someone that is trusted, loyal, honest, smart, and loving. You have all those characteristics. The powers were given to you when you were born. A banshee was killed here in Durensville five hundred years ago. That's why there are so many crows. I guess that is what triggered your inner banshee to finally rise to the surface. I do have to warn you, if you do not accept your powers you can kill the whole human race.” He finished.

Shock was clearly registered on my face. He took my hands in his and looked me in my eyes. “Rockcel Sanders “Roxy” can you please consider my offer. You don't have to worry about school. We already have help and were not just learning from scratch. You will be finished your training in a matter of days but we need to prepare you. I will give you time to think what you want to decide in the next five minutes we don't have much time” he got up and started to pace with his hand running through his faux hawk.

My thoughts were all over the place. I had so much questions and they couldn't get answered in five minutes. After what I saw in my dream, what happened to the alarm clock, and the front yard it makes sense. There's something about him that makes me trust him I can feel it. I don't know how. I know I can trust him and I will trust him. If I am as powerful as they say I am they would think twice about double crossing me. It's on their conscience if the thought crossed her mind. Missing a week of school won't be that bad. By doing this I know i’m disappointing Felicia but at least I would have one person I can trust tell him the truth. I already know what my answer is.

I got up and stood in front of him. Before I could give him my answer he said “ I know I haven't given you enough the information. Also I haven't given you any reason to trust me. I just really need you to trust me. I will prove my loyalty to you when we are there. I will show you everything that you need to see. I will be like your history teacher but everything I'm teaching you is about yourself. I am sorry for barging in like this and disrupting your peace but there's no other way. We need you” he came closer and lifted my chin “I need you” he finished the last part in a whisper.

“Why would you need me? I don't know you, you don't know me. I don't know if it's my powers, but there's just something about you that makes me believe you, that makes me trust you. My answer is yes, I will come with you and help you with the dark forces in your land.” I said with a smile on face.

“ The reason that I know I can trust you it's because I've been watching you for two years. Queen Mona put me on the job to find you. I wanted so bad to speak to you but I couldn't. You were just so fascinating. I found you fascinating and even though this is a unforgivable way for us to meet I couldn't stop thinking about you. I know everything about you like how you love pizza, how you love to organize your clothes, and you're sucker for shoes.” He laughed “I didn't just fall in love with my job, I fell in love with you.

“It's kind of weird for me to say that but I just wanted to get off my chest. I hope it won't be uncomfortable for us to be around each other. The dark forces have taken so much from my life. I have not lived in peace for two years. The only thing that made me happy was seeing your face every day. I'm sorry but I just had to tell you. I hope you get to know me and would I would love to know more things about you.” He said with tears in his eyes.

I couldn't just stand there so I just wiped his tears away with my thumb. He looked at me and I smiled back. “For the record, I would like to get to know you better. I wish you would've waited till we were like real friends before you told me that you pretty much stalked me for the past two years” we both laughed.

“ I have a favour to ask” I said standing straighter.

“ Yes okay, anything you want” he said.

“ I have to tell one of my friends so they can cover for me at school. Please. I can't leave without an explanation. She's going through a really rough time in her life right now and she needs me. I will not lie to her. I really want her to know the truth” I was practically jumping up and down.

“If it's Felicia I have no problem with it” he said. Of course he knew it was Felicia.

He moved towards the window and jumped out of it. I ran over to make sure he was okay. When I looked down, he looked up at me with a big smile on his face. He told me that I did not have to pack any clothes or any other essentials. They would already provide me with them. I just pulled on my long, blue dress with my blue and white Converse. I placed my hair in a messy bun. I just added a little bit of mascara with my favourite cherry Chapstick.

I knocked on my dad door. “Come in” said a hoarse voice. I open the door to see that he had just woken up.

“Dad, we have to talk about something” I said. Elijah told me not to tell my dad about the whole truth but give him some hints for him to not come looking for me when I am gone.

“What's up Rocks” he said while getting up.

“Okay dad, this might sound crazy but I can't be around humans for at least a week.” He looked at me like I had

grown two heads.

“Are you joking right now?” He asked.

“The thing is I have been feeling really sick lately. I have to go somewhere where there's not a lot of people. I'm not doing this to get out of going to school or to get out of spending time with you. I just have to isolate myself for a while before I come back home. I promise that I will come back home. I don't want you to send any police officers after me.” I said looking him deep in the eyes.

To show I wasn't joking I moved my hand up in the air and thought of fire. When I open my eyes fire was coming from my palm. I turned to look at my father and his jaw dropped all the way down to the floor. To be honest I didn't think that would work but it looks like I am starting to convince him.

“I can...clearly...see this is…not a...joke. Whatever you have to do make sure that you come back to me. I won't tell anyone that you are gone. I will just say that you were helping your mom out with final things at the company.” He said with a little fear in his voice.

“How are you so comfortable with what you just saw” I asked a little puzzled.

“To be honest, I'm not really sure. I just know that whatever you're doing I can trust you. I will cover for you because you are my daughter. I love you. Take care of yourself. Make sure that you come back to me as soon as you can. Keep in touch with Rachel. I don't want her to worry about you.” He got up from the bed and hugged me. He kissed my forehead and I was on my way.

I ran to my room to crab my keys, iPhone so I could talk to Rachel and my charger because I don't know how long I will be gone. I ran out to my car to drive to Felicia's. When I sat in my seat I saw Elijah staring at me. I wasn't expecting him so I panicked. When I did that the sun disappeared behind the bunch of clouds. Lightning bolts were hitting the forest beside my house and the thunder was so loud that it was hurting my ears. Elijah moved over in the seat to reassure me and call me. When he did that the clouds went away and the sun reappeared.

“This is why you need your training” he said while looking out this window while I drove towards Felicia’s house.

“You're meaning to tell me that since you scared me I caused all that noise. I thought a banshee screamed when someone was close to death.”I said a little surprised.

“How did you know about screaming when death is near. Did you catch up on your research while you were changing?” He asked.

“Actually it came from the TV show that Felicia and I watch 24/7. It's called Teen Wolf. It's where they show different creatures that roam in a town called Beacon Hills  such as Kitsunés, werewolves, Hellhounds,Nogitsuné, Windigos and so on.” I said bouncing in my seat. I can't believe with so much stuff going on right now I'm so happy to talk about my favourite TV show. I think I really do need this help.

It turns out he has a device that opens up a dimension from my world to his. We will go through the portal. It takes three seconds to go through the portal. When we are on the other side the portal closes. The portal leads to the queen’s hall. When I get there I will be training nonstop, night and day. Since I was able to control the fire that came out of my hand to show my dad why was leaving, Elijah thinks that I might be back in less than a week. If anything I'm not really worried about my training. I'm just worrying about the dark forces. If they know about me, how powerful are they, will I die, can I die? I guess I must've said the last part out loud because Elijah laughed and answered my question.

“To be technical no, you can't die. The only thing that can kill you is yourself. If the power consumes you too much you will not be able to control yourself. You will destroy everyone in your path including yourself.” He said with worry lingering in his eyes.

“Do you know why James accepted the fact that I can shoot fire from my wrists so easily?” I asked still a little shocked.

“I think another part of your powers is compulsion” he said sounding a little unsure of himself. I was suddenly excited by the fact that I could compel someone. I feel like the Salvatore brothers. Any vampire in The Vampire Diaries with enough power can compel somebody to forget or do something that they want them to do. That is so cool.

“Do you think my pupils dilate when I do that or is it just in the movies?” I couldn't help but laugh. Thankfully he laughed with me.

“I knew you would say something like that. I've seen how much time you watch Damon and Stefan on your little TV show. You really do love supernatural stuff don't you?” He asked.

“For your information yes I do. I love a good mystery and a good storyline. It makes the story go on and on and on. It's pretty much learning fiction at its finest. After what I saw I can do today,I think I might start believing in fiction. If I can compel people, make fire appear fire from my arms, I have wings, and I can control animals, I think I might start believing in Fiction. I should totally get my own TV show one of these days” I joked.

By the time we reached to Felicia's house it was 5:30 AM. 't I knocked on the door and Felicia came down in just her robe. She looked a little surprised but motion for me to come in. I told her that I can’t and I needed to talk really quickly. She came outside and just realized I had someone with me.

“Who is this?”she asked looking at Elijah.  

“I am Elijah.” He took her hand and kissed her knuckles. Her eyes pretty much popped out of her sockets. I had to elbow her in the ribs a little but to make her know that she staring and looking really freaky.

“Anyway” I interrupted causing them both to look at me “ Felicia? If I show you and tell you something will you please cover for me for at least a week?” she nodded.

I did the same thing that I did to James but I did not look directly in her eyes. She was my best friend and she could understand without me having to come pillar. Elijah explained his role in all of this and explain what I was to her. She completely understood and agreed. She gave me a tight hug and then looked at Elijah.

“Take care of her for me please?”she asked.

“Oh don't worry about that. I will”.

We drove back to my house and put my car in the garage. Elijah reached into his pocket and took out the device for the portal. He pointed the remote out into the air and push the button. When he did that a swirl of blue and white fog started to appear in a big circle. He placed my hand it his and we both walked into the fog. When I was inside I felt like I was blind because it was pitch black. The only thing that made me come back to the present was the feeling of Elijah's hand in mine.

I opened my eyes and saw this huge hole filled with people that were dressed in gallons in suits. They weren't fancy. The seen looked like a party in the 1860s. I looked at all of their faces and they were all looking at Elijah and I. He let go of my hand and put his elbow out so I could put my hand through his. We slowly walked towards a throne that had a woman with long black nails and dark red eyes. Her skin was pale like snow and despite all of that  her face was kind. She had black stilettos on and a long black dress that went to the floor like a mat. Her face lit up when she saw Elijah and I stand standing in front of her.

She got up and placed her hand on my cheek and look directly into my eyes. I suddenly felt uncomfortable and she started to shake. Elijah rub my back and the queen stop shaking. She looked at me once more she motioned Elijah to go and stand with a couple of people that was dressed like him.

“Welcome, it is a pleasure to finally meet you. Do you mind if we tried a couple of things to make sure that you are who you are claim to be.” She said aloud for everyone to hear.

“I must warn you, I did not know about what/who I am until this morning. It came to me in a dream. I woke up and saw dead crows on my front lawn. When I turned around I saw Elijah standing in the shadows of my bedroom. So whatever you're trying please go easy because Elijah told me what I can do and I don't want to hurt any of these people. I just want to control myself and help you with your problem so I can leave and frequently visit.I am sorry if I sound like I am demanding things. I just want to make sure that I am strong enough to handle this.” I said.

“Of course, my dear” she said with a smile. I touched her on her arm and saw something like a snake with yellow glowing eyes looking directly at me.

I pretended like I didn't see anything and moved on. All of a sudden a knife goes in my stomach and I couldn't help but cry out in pain. When I looked up I saw the queen with with yellow eyes staring at me. She was laughing at me while I was crying and screaming in agony. I felt all this power go through my body and I quickly got up and tore the knife out of my stomach and threw it to my left. when I look to my right I saw a bunch of men dressed like Elijah with swords ready to fight the queen and on my left I saw the same amount of people. Crows started to come through the open door one by one until they were so much everybody ran for cover.

My dream quickly kicked in. I moved to the middle of the room and everybody ran away from me sitting at the corners with their hands on their heads. The crows started to gather around me and it felt like my dream became real . I looked down at my feet to see my converse and the end of my dress is pitch black and then the crows started to make their way up my entire body. I felt a surge of power go through my back and then I heard wings behind me. With all the noise going on when I move my shoulders my wings moved with it and the sound sounded like an airplane lifting off. I did that three times and right after the third one the whole room went silent. I move my head so it wasn't looking at the floor anymore and I look straight into the queen’s eyes. The snake that I saw when I touched her started to come out of her mouth but it wasn't just one it was four. The snakes were the size of three anacondas put together in one.

When they all came out of the queen the she fainted in her chair. The snakes came together in front of me they twisted and turned together. In ten seconds there was a big snake in front of me. The big creature slithered its way ride up towards Elijah it bent its head over to level eyes with him. Elijah was scared trembling but the expression on his face showed confidence. I raised my hand and all the anger that I felt from what just happened was power. I threw it towards a snake and it's eyes turn red. It lifted its head and it turned towards me. I moved my wings so I was right the same height as the snake I placed my hand on either side of his face. It kept struggling to get away from me but I was stronger than the creature.

I suddenly remembered what I told Elijah in the car. Banshee scream when death is near. I suddenly felt this pain in my vocal chords. They were vibrating together and my head felt like a sledgehammer was getting hit in the side of it. I couldn't take it anymore so I looked into the dark red eyes and screamed. I screamed so loud that the snake when completely still as stone. I let my hands go from the creature's head to my sides. I got down, turn my .back and move my shoulders so my wings could send a light wind towards it. When I did so the snake shattered it to pieces like glass. When I did so I made sure that all the crows started to get off of my body and they were starting to leave. I had an idea. I motioned them with my hand and place my hand over the glass were the snake once was. When I did so every single crow soaked up all the energy from the snake. All the power that they just took from the snake was turned into good magic for me.

When I turn my attention away from the window I saw everybody starting to get up. They all looked at me with wonder and appreciation showing in their eyes. I knew how grateful they were for me to come and help them. I saw Elijah and he was looking at me with wide smile on his face I walked up to him with anger showing in my eyes. When I get closer to smile left his face. I made him think that I was going to slap him or do something that he did not like. I completely took him off guard when I kissed him. When I did so everyone started to clap and it felt like being in the club with Kanye West and Kim Kardashian dancing.

“Well I wasn't expecting that” he said a little breathless.

“I thought if this is what my life is going to be like. Why wait?” I said with a smile on my lips.  

“Well that was interesting” said a voice behind me. I turned around to see Queen Mona sitting in her chair looking a lot better. For one her nails were long and black they were a little bit shorter and they were white. Her hair was in a long white waves along her back and her eyes were light blue. She got up from her chair and walked over to me.

“I'm so sorry that you had to come into our world like that” she said with sadness and disappointment showing on her face and hearing it in her voice.

“Well, I won't say it was the best welcome but I am glad to be of service.” I said moving closer. I was standing in front of her now. “Do you mind?” I asked placing my hand above hers.

“No” she said. I touched her arm and this time I did not see a snake with yellow eyes. I saw someone like me but they weren't crows surrounding her they were doves. Her powers are very influencing and positive and will clean the whole dimension. We could both work together and finish the whole dimension in a matter of seconds and I knew how to do it. (I don't know how I got all this information from just touching her I just know okay).

“Sorry it's just that the last time I touched you I saw a snake with yellow eyes” I said ducking my head to go stand next to Elijah.

“Well thank you for all that you have done already.” She said and got up. I felt power towards my hands and I just placed them behind the queen without touching her. She floated back to her throne.

“ I don't think you should be walking for awhile.” I said while laughing.

“Thank you again” she said with a smile.

I spent the next hour learning about Banshees and Elijah. It turns out he's a really good history teacher. I found out that I can transform anytime my emotions get to powerful and overwhelming. I can compel people. I can control the weather when I get too angry. Also when I am too sad or depressed I can influence the elements no other Banshee can do all of that. And anytime when I scream I cannot do it around too many humans. If I do that can seriously harm them. Even though I'm not full of doves like the queen. I am much more powerful we still have the same cause and it is to protect the people.


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