Sensually obsessed

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Poetry  |  House: Booksie Classic

A sensual journey of love before lust, and lust for the love.

Excuse me as I suppress these emotions that can't be denied...
so with this curious obsession of what's in between your eyes,
I contemplate, I'm sorry I concentrate,
Queen your beauty has my words fighting for your attention.
Crawling out of my mouth...
Sincerely your favorite moment in time.
If I can have one second of yours not to waste,
But to taste the sweetness of your passionate kisses.
The allure of your silhouette bestows a melody of fireworks in you honor,
Can I turn the page and read to you this letter of love?
Written on the mind of those who beg to get in your jeans,
While I'm confessing to get into your genetic makeup,
Mix fluids, drunk on this passionate shot I've received from the heavens,
This gift to be unwrapped under the lit tree, 
Yes baby we're about to get high,
And speaking of makeup,
I require none unless it's after an argument.
Bite on your bottom lip and speak no lies and let my truth enter your temple,
Grab ahold of my body and don't let me drown without you,
Swimming in an ocean of premeditated dreams and unconscious favors,
Hold on...
I just want to turn your life around and have you lean on me.
In time I will catch the vibes you throw back at me, but for now let me control this conversation and arch your back with an I do, baby I'm on one knee.
Engaged in this moment of blissful continuums, satisfying liberating thoughts, with screams of a foreign language, we speak the language that love can't decode. 
Baby breathe for me, I'm more than a man that craves your body,
Your mine in this moment, 
As I digress and slowly pull out of this situation,
Smile for me as I take this second to not waste a second of your time but to taste you for a second time. 
Close your eyes, 
You're about to see what it looks like to be on the other side.
You know, 
Massaging your mind and kissing your thoughts,
Making love to your ambition,
Baby I know mutual support has always been your favorite position.
You know I have to be into you before getting into you. 
This is just an I love you interlude. 
Kiss me on my happily forever after dream cloud and swim with me,
Written for you exclusively, indirectly and indubitably.
Sincerely your man at heart, 
King at soul
And lover at night. 
Good night. 


Submitted: August 31, 2016

© Copyright 2021 Shanthepoet. All rights reserved.

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