When I becomes WE

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“Alone we can do so little ; together we can do so much”

-Helen Keller

All  the religions, scriptures , holy books,  festive seasons, elders, at  all times highlight that,  to reach the Almighty, live for all the ones around  and not  to be a lone wolf.  The taste and flavour  of  the concept - live  and let live, should be attained from the childhood days.Nothing can be attained alone,  whether it is the smallest unit of a family,  a school, a college,  a business organisation,  a society , a country or the  largest mighty  globe .  If the Holy Books are followed  at least to a certain extent , the  theory  of  team  building, team work, the  effective work of  togetherness  and greatest management theories and techniques can be attained to the fullest extent.

 The  concept of community living  is enjoyed by kids when they grow and work together, in schools and colleges.  At home too, they should be guided to enjoy not only on religious festivals but on  special celebrations or joyous occasions too, with their brethren who are in need and less comfortable, instead of  throwing high profile party.  Such an exposure from the tender age cultivates a feeling in them, that it is their duty to help the  needy,  without hurting their emotions or self- respect.  There germinates the feeling of unconditional love to each other, and  understand that ultimate pleasure lies , only when people around  are happy.

The thought ,  is provoked,  even from the language. I , is used only at the end of the sentence, after mentioning all the others. Simple and easy to remember is to  put the least at the last, and all the rest first.  Then I  becomes we,  with pleasure and not a purpose or a pain.




Submitted: January 09, 2016

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