how to survive the bullying thing

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poetry on how we really feel

Submitted: March 18, 2014

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Submitted: March 18, 2014



How to survive the bullying thing


So many people get bullied these days its almost like it’s a natural thing to do these days what some people don’t get is it hurts badly when you get called one negative word I have taken bullying for along time all my years of school im only 14 but that’s enough to make me want to disappear its almost like I would give anything up to not have to be bullied every day there’s always the days were I just want to sit in my room and cry for hours on end and then there’s days were I feel like no one can break me but they always do every time someone manages to break me and im in this constant place of pain its like I have chains on my whole body and I have been thrown into the endless ocean left the to sink to be forgotten and it hurts there’s one person that makes me happy and well I haven’t met her face to face yet ok to put my story of bullying out I was bullied from year three and still now to this day and it hurts I do this thing were I have a I don’t care emotion and I just zone out to everyone and everything like to be totally honest I don’t like myself I don’t think there’s much I could say that I actually like out of one hundred percent of things I could like I only like about 10 percent of myself I have tried killing my



self and I have performed the casual self harm I honestly just think it would be easier to be dead I know everyone says it’s the cowards way out and yes it probably is people say shara don’t kill your self just deal with the problem well f*@! you mate no one cares what your saying you might say get rid of the problem it will be easier we the problem is no matter how many problems I get rid of the pain remains we might get rid of the people that caused the pain but our hearts and should are damaged because of all the hate and torment we might have rid the people from our life’s but we cant forget the pain it hurts all the time every second of every day and the fact that we get teased it hurts so bad that we end it all just we cant take it any more the pain the pills the hate im going to do a little poem




we hope

the pills the hate no friends no mates the dreams the feelings gone with out caring no one is seen no pain is heard and some is not here to be seen we hurt we cry we hope we die we hope one day our life collides we hope we die and forever remain unseen


so I guess that’s a poem I just came up with in about five minutes im writing this little thing while I cry while I wish to be seen I want to act but people tell me im on crack they say you have no love you’re the ugly one no one here likes you so why would anyone else and I ask my self the same thing it hurts to know your hated but I haven’t done anything to deserve it none of us have we will be bullied with out a care because were not as pretty the bullies say they have a heart and yes they do they psychically do but did you know the only time the really have one that’s witnessed is when we take our life’s and we need to stop they want us to react don’t stand there and take the bulling turn around ask why they like hurting you so just tell them to get the f*!# away or they will pay but not with words no show them your not going to take it call them out tell them what the really are show them that they need to get help us were fine its them we aren’t sick and twisted for wanting to die they wont stop judging they are sick for making people want to die so my one big message stop bulling no one wants or needs you are heartless and cruel if you bully people I never tease anyone if I see some one being teased ill walk right up to the person teasing them and make them ashamed that the hurt some one STOP BULLYING NO ONE NEEDS IT consider a few words spoken can be what kills them ugly slut useless that kills people inside and it just takes a little longer before it kills us on the outside too.

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