The Story Begins

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Please read "Dream for Dream" before reading this as its the continued version. The boy narrates his story.
Read and find why this story is named as DREAM FOR DREAM.

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Submitted: November 27, 2014

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Submitted: November 27, 2014



We were three. Me , my sister and my mother. Unfortumately i am not aware of my fathers whereabout. I have seen my mom taking care of my sister alot more than me. Yes i will be bit jealous as she is treated as princess and i was the one working in a mechanical shop of my fathers friend Aman whom we addressed as Aman Uncle. My mom worked as maid in few houses in a nearby city. She will be back by 1 pm.

Aman uncle used to visit our house a lot of times and he used to pat on my shoulder saying "You are doing a good job for your family and your dad will be proud of you". Those words motivated me and gave me more strength to take good care of my family. He used to visit us once in a week ,that is, mostly on Sundays. On his sunday's visit he used to give us both me and my sister money to visit fair in the city. I used to love his nature and behaviour towards us.

Me and my sister will enjoy alot in the fair. We used to love magic shows , rides, foods etc etc.. 
When we are back from fair, Aman uncle will be leaving. I even loved his nature of taking care of my mother when we are not in home. I always wanted to be like him. Everyone has a role model and i used to see my role model in him even he was not my family. Because of him only i have a work to look after my family. You should be lucky to have a person like this close to you.

He always used to praise my sisters beauty and my dedication to work. I am now 16 and my sister is 15.
I am still working in Aman uncles mechanical shop. Today is another Sunday for which we will be eagerly waiting for.
I was given leave on Sundays which was very kind of Aman uncle. As soon as Aman uncle came we left for fair. On the way i saw a little boy carrying a small child in his hand and begging money from the pedestrians. I felt pity for the boy and side by side i was happy that we never had to bear such sufferings in life. I went to that boy and gave him a coin of Rs.5 for which he thanked me and continued begging from others. I wanted to ask him to come to Aman uncle's shop as he might also get work there. But i continued my walking as all i had in my mind was to reach fair as soon as possible.

Finally we reached and had all the fun we usually did each time we visit this place. Before heading back to home i decided to go for the nature's call(to piss). I went back of the park to the bushes where fair was held. Suddenly i heard some noise. It was probably some people talking behind a tree. My curiousity made me go near and listen to those guys. 

"Lets pick four to five girls from the fair", i heard one of them saying this. I didn't understand what they meant by this. Another voice " Last time we went with only two girls and boss was angry and was about to hit us with a rod". Lets make him happy this time and get more girls around five for him.... 
My intuition said something is wrong still i had to be sure of what they meant by everything. They started walking towards the fair and i followed them. They were four in total. Out of them one suddenly pointed towards a girl who was having ice cream in a bench near the ice cream seller. One of them went near that girl and asked her to follow him for mor joyful rides. She might be twelve in age. She followed him to a truck which was parked on the backside of Fair. After sometime i saw that guy coming alone but girl was nowhere to be seen. It hit my mind that they are trying to abduct girls from fair.

I had to stop them.. but how???? I had no clue!! Suddenly i saw one of them pointing towards my sister. Before they can even think of anything i started running towards my sister. I held her hand and said run as fast as you can we need to get out of here.. She didnt asked me anything and started running with me. Those guys understood that i know about their plan and before i can reveal their truth they had to catch me. One of them started running behind me and soon all were after me. I took a shortcut from a small street but they were just behind me. My sis was not aware of what happened but all she knew was that i am in danger. 

Suddenly out of nowhere a street dog started barking standing in right front of us. Hope he had the understanding of our situation. But it didnt stop and my sis was afraid to even move a bit. We were stuck there and suddenly two of them saw us.
They knew we were stuck but  i took the stones from ground to make them stay away from me and my sister. But i knew it wont be of any use. They werent afraid and started teasing me " Oh!! how cute male puppy taking care of female puppy.... Hush hush... give that female puppy to us"... I didnt give up. 

One of them jumped at me and tried to grab my hands and soon the other one also grabbed my hand. The other two persons also came to the place. One of them took a stone and hit me hard and i fell unconscious on the ground. I was no hero to fight them but i did tried my best to save my sis from them. All i could hear last was my sis crying loud my name. I woke up next day in a hospital with my mon sitting next to me crying. She asked me what happened and where is my sis. I started narrating the whole story and about the guys. She started crying and called police and Aman Uncle for help. I narrated same to them.

One of the constable comes to the senior police and says that we have report for around six girls who were abducted from last night fair. They asked us to remain calm and they promised to find them before anything happens to my sis. Aman uncle told me that there are many gangs in this locality who abduct girls for trafficking. They sell these girls to their clients and get well payed in return. I asked him why is it legal here and his answer was that its not legal but the person doing this business will have persons inside the police as well. So they have the whole rights to go with whatever they want. "I need to find my sister as soon as possible before they take her to some other place."

The same day i was discharged from the hospital. I took my mom home ,left her there and went in search of my sis. I Promised my mom that i would not come back unil i find her. I went to many places which were known for their bad and illegal bsiness. But in vain. I was not able to find my sister. Now its been almost a year and i am still struggling to locate her whereabout. I decided to join one of the bad group so that i can be well known with all that happens inside. Turning to bad is not a good decision i took but all i had in my mind was to get my sis out of danger. I never went back to my home and never had any contact with my mom. Hope she is fine!!.

I had to learn a lot of things from theft to killing to making bombs etc....
I was almost ready with everything and enjoyed whatever i did and at times least i cared about killing anyone for money. I used to go to one of the dhabba(restaurant) nearby where i had a friend who used to work their. He would help me in getting the secret details from the bad people as usually people met their to have their private business talking. He knew about my whole story that happened to my family. 

Its now almost three years and i am nineteen and my sister would be eighteen. We as a group worked for people whom we even dont meet personally. Everything happened in phone only or an informer will assign us the jobs. My destiny forced me into such things.

We were given a job to kill a person who lives in Red Light area. Red light area is a place where with or against will girls are forced into prostitution. Finally we reached a room where we were told that the target person will be having meeting with some clients. We were told that he is a menace to our business and he shoul be dead. I was given the opportunity to shoot him as soon as i see him. We were not given the photo only identity was told. As soon as i entered the room i was stuck on seeing that mans face.

He was none other than Aman Uncle (also known as Anna Bhai for locals in red light area ) who used to take good care of us. He was into this business from the time he was with us. I was unable to move and could hear nothing and stood there like a dumb statue. All at once i took my gun and pointed towards him. He had no fear in his eyes and gave me a smile. "I expected that we will meet soon but you are too late" said Aman Uncle. Where is my sister???? Are you the one behind her abduction??? Do you know where she is??? i started yelling.... He gave a deceptive smile.

Yes i know where your sister is!! She has earned me alot of money and thanks to your mom who took good care of her. 
Dont you dare say anything about my mother....

Hahaha.... your mother knew about this and i was the one who killed your father and he saw me with your mother once. He was a good man but a coward. And you know what your mom wanted to meet you one last time.

One last time??? what you mean by last time??? Did you meet my mom???- I was curoiuos to know about her.

He said --"yes she is fine and she wanted her daughter back". I just gave her a better choice and she is now happily living with your father. She said that you will come in search of her but i never thought that we will be meeting in this way.. 

You killed my family now i am going to send you to hell .... - i shouted in anger

Before i kill you i just want to know about my sister.. where is she??? 

Oh! she is in Mumbai doing a great job for Akram Bhai.

I shot all bullets to his chest and he was on the ground.
Before heading to Mumbai i thanked my best partner for his help and support who worked in dhabba and headed in search of my sister and yes i found her in the famous red light area in Mumbai.
 She didnt recognize me , still i went near her and pulled the key out of the bomb which i had in my hands.

There is nothing to say or hear. I had seen all the pain in her eyes for the work which she was forced into.
Hope this never happens to any family in future. 
My life is now in the flames........


I narrated this whole story but never mentioned the name of the family who had to suffer alot in life. I knew about them because he used to come to my dhabba(restaurant) to have food and shared everything about him. Yes i was also the part of his life whom he met last before leaving to Mumbai. People are forced into prostitution coz they lack money to take good care of their family or in greed of money. Most do not chose their profession but they are forced into this. I lost a friend who had a great dream for his family but destiny had something else written for him.




Wake up ... Wake up you moron... !!!!

Its 6 and you are still sleeping go and get the milk.
Suddenly my eyes opened. Oh Shit!!! this was all dream. I didnt go to Ram -the publisher- to narate the whole story i have written in my diary.
I have to rush...
I started searching for my diary which i had kept below my bed. It was not there. I started searching everywhere in the kitchen and inside dustbins but i couldnt find it.

I ran outside to ask Ravi Uncle if he had seen it. 
As soon as i came outside i was stunned as all i could see was small papers burning in flames and my dream was floating in the sky like a dead leaf in the water. Ravi Uncle using my diary, tearing pages to lit fire to save himself from the cold outside. 

For me my dream is still a dream. :(



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